Julia Zemiro hopeful of a “proper goodbye” for RocKwiz.

Exclusive: If SBS is not returning to RocKwiz, Julia Zemiro would like a TV farewell for viewers.

EXCLUSIVE: Julia Zemiro would love to see a proper farewell for RocKwiz if the show is not returning.

RocKwiz last screened on SBS in 2016 and producers say SBS has no plans to return the show after 14 seasons. Discussions have been held over the past 2 years to no avail.

“I think SBS wants to try new things, but we are still talking,” Zemiro tells TV Tonight.

“I think we would like one big farewell. If they really are done we would like to do a proper goodbye. But it’s like they don’t really want to shut the door.”

Co-producer and co-star Brian Nankervis confirmed, “They are not recommissioning with the current budget.”

But RocKwiz has plans to live on beyond the small screen.

“We have The RocKwiz Revue 2018, a 13 show tour in November and December in all the major capitals and some regional areas, which looks back at the year,” he said.

“It is frustrating because the audiences just adore it. We did 31 shows last year and most of them were sold out. So who knows? We’re open to ideas!

“Maybe SBS will find some money in the next budget.”

Julia Zemiro is currently hosting All Together Now for Seven.

SBS did not respond to enquiries.

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  1. It was a blatant rip off of RockWiz (yes, RockWiz with a capital W) on JJJ-FM in Sydney in the 1980s. Same concept: two teams of 3 people (each with a different buzzer sound) answering musical questions in a weekly on air afternoon show. I’m sure SBS has or would like a copy of the tapes…

    1. Hi Elle, you can’t copyright an idea, only its execution. Music trivia quizzes have been going on since before the 80s, including on TV. All you have described applies to Spicks and Specks, Rockwiz, and UK quiz shows. It doesn’t make it a rip off. If it was staged in a pub with audience contestants, a live band and musical acts, maybe you a better argument.

      1. LOL – that’s funny David. It was in a pub, or the JJJ studio, it had a live audience, and a team member included a Sydney local band member, who also did a song (or sing an answer) here and there, including at the end of the show.

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