Love Island to relocate in 2019

Sophie Monk-hosted reality series will undergo changes in 2019 including a shift from 9GO! to Nine’s primary channel and a new filming location.

The first season drew bumper audiences for 9Now and Nine’s YouTube channel, but broadcast numbers were far more modest. That presumably makes the budget required for filming in a Spanish villa harder to justify.

But what the ITV Studios series spent in airfares was undoubtedly saved in using a camera-ready house.

The British series has used at least 2 Spanish villas so it isn’t clear if Nine will remain in Europe or relocate to a Pacific setting (another Queensland coup coming?). The latter would also impact when the show may air given the warm weather requirement.

With its raunchy content, Love Island could be stripped into the post 9pm timeslot, where a loyal young audience could help stem a wider switch-off.


  1. Don’t know if this the right move, it was getting as you say bumper numbers for 9Now and 9YouTube, so staying on 9Go to me would be the go as it should give 9 the chance to grow 9Go into a station into a channel that demographic would watch (at least at night). Honestly see it staying broadcast ratings wise as it was, with 9Now and 9YouTube doing similar, 9 need to see how at times this year it was thanks to the secondary channels that 7 won the week (at times day).

  2. It was already watered down enough on Go!
    Nine is too prudish to make local sexy reality TV, but is happy to broadcast the (better) British versions (Embarrassing Bodies gets a fair run- are Australian genitals too rude?). Remember rated G Big Brother? What a flop.
    Do them properly or stick to renovations.

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