Maralinga drama in development for ABC

Exclusive: Drama on secretive 1950s atomic tests is in development for ABC.

EXCLUSIVE: Hot on the heels of Pine Gap ABC is planning another nuclear-themed drama miniseries.

Writer Peter Duncan (Rake) is scripting  Fallout, a 6 hour drama on historic events at Maralinga.

To be produced by Porchlight Pictures (The Kettering Incident, Laid, Animal Kingdom, Jasper Jones), it is surrounds British atomic tests in 1953 in Maralinga, 1000 km northwest of Adelaide.

But the secretive tests also saw the displacement of Indigenous communities, whilst a 1980s Royal Commission found UK & and Australian servicemen were purposely exposed to fallout from the blasts, to study radiological effects. Despite an official clean-up, areas are still said to be contaminated and Indigenous communities have complained about poisoning.

“We still have to go through a process with Screen Australia, so it’s not locked (down),” Duncan told TV Tonight.

“But I’m writing it.”

Pine Gap, which was at the centre of anti-nuclear campaigns in the 1980s, debuts on ABC on Sunday October 14.

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  1. I’ve just finished reading Judy Nunn’s book “Maralinga”. Would love for the miniseries to have been based on her book, actually all of her books would transfer well to screen.

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