Nick Cummins, breaking hearts now, not later.

Honey Badger stands by his decision to rip the band-aid off now, but not everyone is happy with his answers

Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins has no regrets about his decision to reject both Bachelor finalists Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley.

In an interview recorded with Lisa Wilkinson for The Sunday Project, prior to the finale airing, Cummins stood by his controversial decision which divided viewers.

Asked when he knew he would pick neither he said, “It hit me with a fair bit of a thunderbolt. It was like, ‘You know what… out of respect to these women, if I can’t stand here and say ‘I’m picking her and I love her,’  … if I can’t say that, why would I start something?”

He added, “Why would I go in and start something that has a high potential of 3 months down the track breaking her heart? I’d rather make a big decision at that point to save a big scar on the heart later.”

Asked if the departure of Brooke Blurton the previous night saw his first choice exit, he answered, “There was something left unsaid. A lot of emotions were swirling around. There were many things unsaid for a lot of people. She got away on that regard, but I wouldn’t change it. I want what’s best for her and I want her to be happy.”

But finalists Sophie & Brittany were shocked by his decision.

“(They haven’t said) ‘You need to propose, you need to fall in love’. It’s whether you can find someone that you connect with and you try it in the real world later. But the fact that he couldn’t see enough in one girl out of 28…. it just shocks us, I don’t quite understand it,” Sophie explained.

“You don’t go to an all you can eat buffet when you’ve just had lunch do you? You just don’t do it,” Brittany added.

Sophie added, “We’ve been to hell and back on this ride.”

Brooke Blurton told Wilkinson Cummins wasn’t giving her the assurance she needed.

“So why would I waste my time?” she asked.

“I opened my family’s heart to him.

“My whole life has been exposed. Not just my love life but my family life. I feel super raw.

“I wanted it to be worth it.”

Cass Wood revealed she had an “on and off” relationship with Cummins prior to the series, adding, “I always found him as someone special” before stating she wanted to move forward.

But fighting back tears, Wood was also guarded, whispering to Brooke Burton “I just want to talk about it….” seemingly hiding more information.

The whole thing has been really hard… and then to find out he isn’t with anyone…

Cummins, who left Australia last Monday to walk the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, said he wouldn’t change anything of the aspects where he had control.

“I wouldn’t do anything differently. From what was in my grasp, I’m happy,” he insisted.

And his parting message for the single women rang bittersweet.

“If I ever see you again, I will buy you a drink for old time’s sake.”

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  1. It was good that he didn’t do the for show relationship but I do wish he didn’t leave the girls to face the media on their own. He should have either been with the girls or at least doing all the media rounds that the girls had to do. It just seems a little selfish that he shielded himself from the backlash by being in another country and doing one prepared interview.

  2. Does not matter how many ladies…if the feelings are not there…they are not there…at least he did not pretend….I reckon that would have been worse….just my opinion.

  3. how many of the couples are actually still together? (I don’t really care either way) this show is rubbish watched by desperately single woman. the fact that he was honest with himself makes him a player? LOL LOL LOL. unlike the other bachelor’s he has done the right thing and didn’t make a fake relationship for the sake of ratings and for all we know this is the actual ending TEN had planned.

  4. Who would actually be dumb enough to pretend to be in a relationship with some they weren’t really serious about with the Paparazzi following their every move until they were caught in the lie and humiliated? Well most of them, but Cummins isn’t that stupid.

  5. Honey Player as far as l am concerned. Its not married at 1st Sight so there is no commitment anyway. He was happy to kiss n fondle them, isn’t that lack of respect if he had no intent to find the one??

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