Oops. Still the one?

Sometimes the devil is in the detail of press releases...

In the excitement of Upfronts, Nine has had to amend its copy twice, once for a Nine News statement and another surrounding the AFL Footy Show.

Nine issued a press release with confusing references to Nine as being “No.1” for news and current affairs. The detail in the copy noted Nine News is winning on the East Coast cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. But the release heading suggesting “Your No. 1” for News, which is fancy consumer-speak, was contrasted by the outright claim online “Nine is No. 1” in News & Current Affairs.

It has hurriedly made a switcheroo on that point today.

Meanwhile an Upfronts release on 2019 Sports shows failed to mention the AFL Footy Show.

But after enquiries began trickling into Nine it reissued the list with the show hastily added, but failing to confirm the talent. Sources suggest Nine will have an AFL show… of some sort…

The AFL Footy Show
The AFL Footy Show is home to the biggest stories in the world of AFL, hosted by champions of the game and bringing in-depth discussions on the week in footy, and a whole lot of laughs.

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  1. Saying “Nine is number one” could easily be justified on other grounds eg. If they could show they had more/better coverage etc. However that’s not the point they were trying to get across, it was purely about ratings.

    Also, you’d think they might go over these releases more carefully to ensure messages are consistent (and correct for that matter). It’s a needless own goal really.

    As for the AFL Footy Show, the only thing keeping it barely alive is the fact Eddie McGuire is attached to it. They’d have canned it by now as per NRL Footy Show if he wasn’t involved. If they’re still considering its future (as I believe), why not just say that when the enquiries came about it being missing from the Upfronts?

  2. I would interpret being number 1 for news and ac, as meaning nine has the highest news ratings but seeing where still in 2018 , Nine could not know it will win the ratings year in 2019

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