Returning: Cardinal

Canadian thriller Cardinal returns to SBS next week.

Canadian thriller Cardinal returns to SBS next week.

This is a 6 part series and kicks off with a double episode.

Cardinal and Delorme continue an intricate investigation to expose the seedy underbelly of picturesque Algonquin Bay, and it lays bare the darker emotions of our detectives and those closest to them.

Season Two, Episode One: Red
Commanda finds a confused young woman alone at a roadside bar. The red-haired woman has no memory of who she is, how she got there, or who shot her. Even after the bullet is removed, ‘Red’ can’t remember anything. He turns the case over to Cardinal and Delorme, who must protect Red, all while trying to uncover her identity and find her shooter. While on the trail of a stolen gun that may be the murder weapon, Cardinal and Delorme find another victim, not shot this time but ritually murdered and left in a gruesome tableau.

Episode Two: Wombat
Cardinal and Delorme ID the latest body as the gun thief, Dave, their only suspect, and learn he was murdered almost two weeks before Red’s shooting. Back to square one. Tracking Dave’s last days leads them to the local Northern Raiders biker gang, so they enlist the help of an expert, OPD Staff Sergeant Alan Clegg. With Clegg’s help, they ID a suspect, Raiders chief enforcer ‘Wombat’, and track him to a stash house. They discover it’s been scrubbed of drugs as well as blood. It looks like Wombat was taken, and likely killed.

Tuesday, 16 October at 11.30pm on SBS.

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