• I have only watched Ep 1 so far – loved it ! Yes, so raw and poignant.
      DAAS were savagely brilliant – definitely a product of that era though. More than a touch of The Young Ones about them – .bet they were big fans back in the day…
      Really enjoyed the snippets of the Big Gig…bought back some great memories of those times.

  1. Maev....Sydney

    I was binging on The Split….will watch The Good Doctor shortly on 7 plus…
    Did not watch Survivor…other than promo’s…but glad Shane Gould won…what a tough lady.

  2. Very annoying that on my Foxtel EPG both the reunion and the finale were listed simply as “Survivor” so when I accidentally played back the wrong one (was super tired last night) I knew who the winner was without seeing the actual finale. How hard would it have been to list the Reunion as “Survivor Reunion”?

  3. Mr game show fan

    Disappointing numbers for The Good Doctor. Hopefully people do what I did and catch up on 7Plus.
    I also hope 7 will fastrack future episodes asap.
    They will probably use yet another excuse and this time wait for The Block to finish up.

    Also it should be well noted that although Superwog’s first TV episode received 40,000 TV viewers, it has recieved 1.18 million Youtube views and is still (as of me typing this post) #1 Trending on YouTube.

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