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Workers yesterday removed TEN's logo from its Pyrmont headquarters, ahead of a new look to be unveiled.

Workers yesterday removed TEN’s logo from its Pyrmont headquarters, ahead of a new look to be unveiled at its Upfronts tomorrow.

Rumours  widely suggest the “TEN” lettering will be replaced with a numerical “10.”

There has also been ongoing chatter about multichannels to be renamed as “Boss” and “Peach.”

TEN’s Upfronts will take place tomorrow night in Sydney, attended by Armando Núñez, President & CEO at CBS Global Distribution Group.

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  1. 10 refreshed its promos by changing the fonts and the package. Their HD bug has changed and narrowed down a bit. When they have a Live telecast on primary channel, they got rid of the ‘Live & Free’ and replaced it as “Live”.
    In WIN Areas, they continue to have a blue watermark of Australia on the screen and it is quite distracting. It takes up 1/10th of a screen and I cannot stand it. WIN Boss and WIN Peach have got colored watermarks hanging down on the screen. For Live events, Will WIN use the map of Australia with the ‘Live’ Bug?

  2. All will be revealed tonight but I had a thought last night which might make sense? –
    10 stays as 10
    11 could be either 11 or 10Daily, a secondary channel like 7Two
    12 becomes 10Peach, a food channel (they wouldn’t have known about 7Food)
    1 becomes 10Boss, a Crime channel

  3. Hi. I have a strange feeling that One will be rebranded as 10Spike and not 10Boss as a lot of people think. The reason why I think this is because Channel 5 in the UK has a channel called 5Spike, and you may be wondering Channel 5 in the UK is owned by Viacom (Viacom also owns Spike BTW) and Channel 10 is owned by CBS Corporation, so why am I thinking that One will become 10Spike? Well, CBS Corporation (which owns Ten) and Viacom (which owns Channel 5 in the UK) are both owned by National Amusements, and I believe that in the US there is a lot of cross-over between Viacom and CBS. Eleven becoming “10Peach” leaves a lot to be desired though.

  4. Curiously, the trademark applications for the speculated names aren’t consistent:
    One is “TEN Boss”, while the other is “10 Peach”. The former has been accepted while the latter is still under investigation, as is “10 Daily”. “10 News First” is also pending investigation. I wonder why they didn’t apply for “10 Boss” in that case? Hopefully all will be revealed tomorrow night and neither of those two awful names are mooted for the multichannels.

    1. While that is true, it should be noted that not all trademarks are eventually used. There is a possibility that this whole “10Boss” thing may be a red herring. For example, according to the Japan Patent Office in Japan, there has been numerous trademarks for Pokemon games, such as Pocket Monsters: Topaz [application number 2002-063587, registration number 4677891], but was never used. So even though “10Boss” has been accepted as a trademark, it might not be used at all. We have to wait until later on today to find out.

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