TEN to refresh logo, ELEVEN, ONE tipped for new names.

TEN is planning a brand refresh, including updated corporate logo and “better defined digital channels” according to reports today.

The Australian Financial Review reports the new logo is expected to be a “significant” refresh rather than a total makeover and “new enough without throwing away the past.”

ONE and ELEVEN are expected to have new names “with closer linkage to the main TEN brand.”

TEN is also expected to shift back to its “network for under 50s” with TEN All Access, a localised version of streaming site CBS All Access, to be launched later in 2018. The latter was one of the key interests the US giant had behind its acquisition of the network -it isn’t yet clear how it affects tenplay.

The announcements are expects at its annual Upfronts on October 31.


  1. timmydownawell

    What a shame. Ten has the best logo of the three commercial networks. It’s Nine that needs an update… and last time they tried that they dropped the dots and kept the 80s-looking 9, instead of dropping the 9 and updating the dots. It was such a disaster they ended up reverting to the old logo.

  2. Those 10Peach and 10Boss names sound atrocious. Surely they can’t be serious? Didn’t they do any market research? I can’t see anybody getting behind those silly names.

  3. An this comes at what cost to a just-out-of-recievership station? We don’t watch a station because it has a new logo. We (may) watch it because it has new content, not 29th repeat of old 4:3 series. What’s that quote about “lipstick on a pig”? And the one that “content is king”?

  4. “ONE and ELEVEN are expected to have new names “with closer linkage to the main TEN brand.”
    In WIN areas during promos, they have a circular logo. But during the program, a blue Australia logo hanging down on the bottom right and is very distracting. They need to get rid of that intrusive watermark. That goes for same as One and Eleven. With ONE and 11 getting a rebrand, any word whether WIN TV have the two secondary channels without the color watermarks?

    • So happy to hear WIN’s graffiti referred to as “a logo”. No way is it a “watermark”.
      WIN will still have hideous bright logos with a WIN added to whatever. Bermuda house rules.

      • Whatever happens I will still refuse to watch any WIN channels. The few Ten shows I watch are streamed via Tenplay. WIN’s blue blob is an insult to viewers and irritates me to the core.

  5. You can’t polish a turd. The TEN logo is fine. It’s the poor after poor decision-making, especially over the last decade, that is the problem.

    Shifting their focus from 16-39s to 25-54s is among the stupidest things that they have ever done as a company (especially considering that the 16-39 demographic continues to be their strongest). Yes, even stupider than the ill-conceived The Wedge, David Tench Tonight, and Yasmin’s Getting Married. Dumping the then still-rating golden goose The Simpsons to ELEVEN was another inexplicably stupid decision.

    Somebody remind these schmucks that the principles of brand loyalty also extends to television.

  6. With SBS having lost all the Scripps content, I’m betting one of them will be a Food Channel. They can put all their afternoon food shows there etc.

  7. I like the names One and Eleven. I think they are quite clever. Boss and Peach are tacky.
    Eleven needs to resemble E4 in the UK. Young, playful and a focus on comedy.
    One needs to be more 25+ skewed and take more risks.
    Out of all the networks I think the 10 group have the best branding/logos so odd this is what they want to change.

  8. They should change their channel numbering while they are at it, currently it is a mess.
    They should be like this to better resemble what their competitors do:-
    1 TEN SD
    10 TEN HD
    11 TEN multi-channel 1 (SD)
    12 TEN multi-channel 2 (SD)
    13 TEN multi-channel 3 (SD) (reserved for when they start a 3rd multi-channel)
    18 TVSN (SD mpeg 4)
    19 Spree (SD mpeg 4)
    With the last two dropping to mpeg 4 so as to up the bit-rate of the other SD channels and so as to squeeze in a 3rd future SD multi-channel.

  9. ONE and ELEVEN are expected to have new names “with closer linkage to the main TEN brand.”

    1 & 0 then? I don’t really see how they aren’t already linked to TEN without having TEN in the name too which isn’t really necessarily. But guess 7 & 9 have their numbers in their multichannels so makes sense when looked at like that

    Is their comment about shifting back to the network for under 50s a comment about the content on the channel(s) or just TEN All Access? (which could be insulting to imply that over 50s wouldn’t use that)

  10. They really need that extra multichannel – there have been numerous times that their network has fallen short due to the lack of parity with the extra channel.
    I don’t know what exactly an extra channel would look like, but perhaps a focused brand that brings more niche CBS output to our screens. I remember contributors here suggesting a crime channel. That would probably be at least as viewable as 9Life.

    • Maev....Sydney

      That would be nice…would be even nicer if TEN kept TV Tonight informed…this is where I come for all things TV…saves scrolling through endless guides…well mostly.

  11. Been following this closely across other forums. Rumours are that Eleven will become Ten Peach & One will become Ten Boss (male skew). Also seems like ‘ten’ will be changed to ’10’ in the logo. Hope you will allow this to be posted David – as it is speculation from a public forum site…

    I’m wondering whether a quick way to boost content for TEN All Access would be to follow what iView does. Have current seasons available for free on Tenplay & past seasons available with paid All Access subscription. Would be amazing if they could also add remastered classic Ten shows as a starting point

    • Not just new content but for them to stop the constant encore editions of Bachelor, Survivor, Masterchef etc, seems pointless to me to spread the same content across 3 channels, surely it would be cheaper to just have 2 channels with less repeats. Also it would seem smarter to me to give back focus to One being more of a sports channel like it was at the start.

  12. Hopefully one of them gets the Viceland treatment of being in HD, SBS has proven that two HD channels can be done now.
    That said, I don’t mind the names of Eleven and One, but they do need a content refresh.

  13. Andrew Mercado

    Hopefully the refresh will also apply to those channels programming rather than endless hours of Walker Texas Ranger and King of Queens

  14. I fail to understand how you could possibly bring the names Ten, One and Eleven closer together beyond naming all the channels Ten ____, which is a frightfully boring route to go down. Ah well, don’t use One or Eleven anyway.

  15. Maev....Sydney

    Ah well, they wont be interested in me or my $$$….pity…advertisers don’t realise that over 50s like to spend and many are replacing and updating everything in their house…plus travel etc….We also want and buy the latest techy toys…because we can…no mortgages…kids expenses etc…huge over looked market.

  16. They should use the CBS/Ten logo you created last year. New names for Eleven and One are good ideas, and they need to overhaul One anyway – I kept forget that channel even exists because I’ve never been drawn to its content.

    • Maev....Sydney

      Same here….David Knox’s logo was a perfect fit…and yes…I tend to forget about ONE and Eleven…never see much about them…anywhere…only watch ONE for F1 highlights.

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