Teri Hatcher, Dean Cain reunite.

Stars from New Adventures of Lois & Clarke push for revival.

The New Adventures of Lois & Clarke stars Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain have reunited on stage at Comic Con in New York and openly campaigned for a series revival.

Asked by a fan about appearing in The CW’s Arrowverse (both have appeared on Supergirl), Hatcher said, “Of course. That would be amazing,”

“I think it needs more than an episode,” Cain added. “I would love to see what Lois and Clark are up to [now]. The possibilities are endless.

“I could see the baby having been a Kryptonian child and they had to go back,” Cain said. “I could see them having a couple of Krypto-Earth kids. … I think Lois Lane is probably mayor of Metropolis, running stuff. Clark is still pushing paper and pencil, chasing stories.”

Fitting into red tights 25 years later may be a bit more of a stretch though…?

Both Hatcher & Cain have reunited previously, including Comic Con appearances in Australia.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Trivia: one episode of The New Adventures of Lois & Clarke (“Home Is Where the Hurt Is” 1995) was directed by an Australian, Geoffrey Nottage, who is more well known as the long-time director of Home & Away.

    1. loved the show as a young kid. think I rewatched it later on in life (maybe 2006) and yeah, it felt very childish.. don’t think I would enjoy seeing Dean in those tights like I used to lol

  2. They could pull it off. They both look great. Dean may need to shed a few kilos to pull off the tights and other action scenes (especially as he’s now well into his 50s, not that you can tell), but they both still look energetic and youthful, so, why not?

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