Trial by Kyle proceeding to series

Trial by Kyle is proceeding to series, according to its main man, Kyle Sandilands.

This morning he interviewed Rebecca Gibney for Wanted and said, “Channel TEN did that Pilot Week shit and then I was the only one that got picked up. So now I’ve actually got to do something.”

After Gibney suggested it was good the show got picked up, Sandilands replied, “Not really. I don’t know why I did it.

“I did it thinking, ‘I’ll do this, I’ll take the money and that’ll be the end of it.’ And they’re like, ‘Good news, Kyle. Yours is the only show we’re picking up. Goes to air in February next year.’ I was like, ‘Ohhh…February!’

“Doing this job and then having to go in there and film all that bullshit… It’s tough. I like to lay around resting. I get no rest.”

TEN Upfronts are due on October 31.

Source: KIIS 1065 / News Corp


  1. breexbreakdown

    Good Lord, I hope this isn’t the case! If Kyle can’t be bothered doing the show then Ten shouldn’t reward him with one! Taboo and/or Kinne need to be picked as well otherwise this whole Pilot Week event has been a big waste of time, in my opinion.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Are they for real? Out of all the shows for pilot week this is the only one getting picked up? I did like it but not even Rove? I thought they were picking 3 shows?

  3. There has to be no way that this is the only one getting picked up. Taboo, Kinne and Dave were great and the utter trash of the week gets picked up!
    I now eagerly await Tens upfronts…

  4. This (& Skit Happens) were the Pilots that I thought had no shot in going to series.

    What happened to Kinne, Saturday Night & Drunk History? They were the ones I wanted to go to series.

  5. Surprised they aren’t picking up Kinne, didn’t that get better numbers? And Taboo would have been worth another 6 episodes, HYBPA rated shit in the first year it aired on a Sundays

  6. Guess Kyle is just being honest just speaks his mind sometimes may say stuff but I guess it doesn’t really mean anything or he might not mean anything by it! It’s all good lighthearted fun in terms of him doing the new show, and one thing also as a long time listener on his breakfast show with Jackie O which I enjoy alot, Kyle never lies there’s no reason for him to do so, he was just being honest about his work schedule etc before- he’s a great hard worker talented man- I say congrats to Kyle on his show! 😊

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