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Quentin Kenihan, who rose to national prominence when he was profiled by Mike Willesee as a cheeky child, has died.

Quentin Kenihan, who rose to national prominence when he was profiled by Mike Willesee as a cheeky child, has died aged 43.

It is believed he died from a suspected asthma attack.

Kenihan, who was an actor, producer and writer, was born with a bone disease called osteogenesis, or brittle bones.

Kenihan was born in 1975. During his life, he suffered more than 600 fractures because of his brittle bone disease.

He was widely regarded as an inspirational figure because of his ability to triumph in the face of adversity.

“He was such a tough little bugger who always defied the odds. The respect I had for him was enormous,” Willesee has said, adding that he was “absolutely devastated” by the news of Kenihan’s death.

“I will always have a very special place in my heart for Quentin.”

Kenihan had a television series on TEN, acted in the blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road and was most recently running for a spot on the Adelaide City Council.

Kenihan often sought out actors and celebrities to interview and travelled overseas in pursuit of another encounter. He posted the videos and photos on his social media.

Russell Crowe tweeted, “Devastating news. My little mate, the bravest bloke I ever met… gone.

“Not confined any more… between your interviews, your book, your one man show, your zany little movies… what a creative and productive life. Lots of love.”

Wil Anderson tweeted, Sad news about @qkenihan always a delight to catch up for a chat when I ran into him (or in one case when he ran over me, I think on purpose) and a real supporter of the Australian arts too #rip”

Jane Kennedy tweeted, “I am absolutely shocked & shattered. I am proud to call myself a very old friend of Quentin. He was funny, smart, feisty, kind & the most courageous human being I have ever met. Rest In Peace now…. you have been so, so brave. Don’t worry about Patchy he will be much loved.”

Peter Ford tweeted, “Very stunned and saddened. What a fighter. Lessons for us all. Will miss his phone calls & latest scheme he was hatching.”

In 2012, a Sunday Night reunion with Kenihan and Willesee drew a big crowd, prompting Kenihan to tweet, “Quentin & Willesee highest rating for the night. Boom! Still got it.”

Source: Nine News, ABC

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  1. Remember right back to when he was a cut little kid…with Mike….always been interested in what he was doing…so sad…darn asthma…would have been tough for him…small stature, huge personality… RIP

  2. This is very sad indeed.
    Quentin was an extraordinary individual who never let his condition get the better of him.
    “Q” as he was known to many of us had a remarkable positive attitude to life and bloody loved his television.Those of in the industry who knew Q thought he would out live us all..An incredible fighter …We will miss you Quentin Kenihan.

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