Vale: Ron Casey

Controversial broadcaster, Ron Casey, who infamously brawled with Normie Rowe on air, has died aged 89.

He died at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital earlier today.

Nicknamed “The Case” he had a long career in radio and television broadcasting and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his services to Australian television and sport in 1988.

He became famous in the early years of television as a sports presenter at TCN9 co-hosting World of Sports with Frank Hyde and later as the sports newsreader at TEN.

His talk-back radio career included 2KY, 2SM, 2KY and 2GB and he was a sports journalist at Sydney’s The Daily Mirror.

But he is long remembered for an on-air brawl with singer and former Vietnam vet Normie Rowe, during a debate about Australia becoming a republic on the Midday show and a walkout during a debate on A Current Affair.


  1. Casey gave us a memorable TV moment. RIP

    These days we have producers s**tstirring their cast just to create a bitch fight in many of the trashy reality shows which are so orchestrated that it is hard not to laugh watching it.

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