60 Minutes celebrates 40 years

Past and present reporters from 60 Minutes including Jana Wendt, George Negus, Ian Leslie, Liz Hayes, Ray Martin and pioneering producer Gerald Stone gathered for a 40th anniversary dinner in Sydney last night.

CEO Hugh Marks congratulated the teams and highlighted the enduring legacy of the program. Executive Producer Kirsty Thomson spoke about the power and importance of telling great stories

60 Minutes will turn 40 on 11th February 2019. The very first episode investigated illegal transport of cigarettes across state borders, the American television system, and story about therapies.

A special 40th anniversary edition will screen on Sunday December 2.

You can see more photos at 9Now.

Photo: Stuart Bryce


  1. 38 minutes actually allowing for adds. I used to be a regular watcher many moons ago but rarely these days. It should leave segments involving complicated issues to others as you can’t explore and explain them in 12 or 13 minutes which is typical tabloid TV. By todays measures it still rates well though probably because being a Sunday most people are home.

  2. Such a pity Nine continues to white ant the old war horse by scheduling it at random times. It used to be appointment viewing on a Sunday but now you’re expected to sit through reality over runs to see it. No thanks.

    • Totally agree, I used to watch it every week, but it’s been some time since that was the case. Mind you, I’m not sure the story quality is what it used to be either.

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