ABC brass back off Four Corners probe

ABC acting managing director David Anderson has relinquished his position as Editor in Chief on the Four Corners probe into its recent management debacle, according to several media reports.

John Lyons head of investigative and in-depth journalism, will oversee the program, with the help of an external lawyer.

The Board is unaware of what details will be revealed and senior ABC managers were kept away from the project.

An ABC spokesperson said: “The acting managing director, the editorial director, the news director and board members were not involved in any way in the commissioning or editorial oversight of the program.”

After Justin Milne gave an interview to Sarah Ferguson, Michelle Guthrie agreed to do likewise, despite a tweet from Four Corners executive producer Sally Neighbour that her firing was an “excellent decision.”

Guthrie is now locked in a legal battle with ABC over her dismissal.

Tonight’s episode, which has been extended to an hour, is the final Four Corners this year.

Source: The Australian, Australian Financial Review


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