Andrew Knight to deliver ‘David Lyle Oration’

Screenwriter Andrew Knight (Jack Irish, SeaChange, Rake, Hacksaw Ridge, Ali’s Wedding) will deliver the inaugural David Lyle Oration at the Screen Forever conference this week.

Producer David Lyle (pictured below) passed away in 2017, but his mark on the industry resonates both locally and internationally.

In praise of his stellar achievements the David Lyle Oration is delivered in the spirit of Lyle which is naturally anti-establishment, non-PC, ribald and deeply passionate about creativity.

“The Australian screen industry is lucky to be able to name David Lyle as one of its own. Screen Producers Australia and Screen Forever honours his outstanding work in helping put Australian industry voices into the global arena and setting the template for how to forge new paths internationally as a highly respected trailblazer and gentleman,” said Screen Producers Australia CEO, Matthew Deaner.

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