Auditions: Extreme Weddings

Seven on the hunt for engaged couples planning the wedding of a lifetime that knows no boundaries.

Seven is ramping up TV weddings with a casting notice seeking people who are staging Extreme Weddings.

“Are you getting married between November 2018 & May 2019? Are you planning the ultimate wedding of a lifetime that knows no boundaries?” it asks.

The casting note is in addition to another for a new season of Bride & Prejudice and the previously-announced reality series The Proposal.

It isn’t clear if Extreme Weddings is the name of the show itself, but a series of the same name aired in the US in 2013.

Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age and currently engaged to each other.

Last week at Screen Forever Seven’s Head of Unscripted Sonya Wilkes spoke about the success of relationship shows, especially with younger viewers, and an interest in new stripped reality concepts.

You can apply here.

9 Responses

  1. I constantly read on TV Tonight and elsewhere that everyone is sick and tired of reality shows. Yet the commercial channels seem to be planning more and more of them. No sign of them slowing down. So there must still be a market for them.

    There seems to be a disconnect somewhere.

  2. This promises to be another silly Seven wedding shlock show like Australia’s Cheapest Weddings ?
    Get set for parachuting brides, underwater brides, zombie brides … Oh the pain, the pain…

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