Lai Utovou wins All Together Now

Bruno Mars sing-a-like defeats singing school teacher for $100,000 prize in Seven talent quest.

Brisbane draftsman Lai Utovou emerged a surprise winner of Seven’s All Together Now last night, winning a $100,000 prize.

The 33 year old soul singer defeated Melbourne primary school teacher, Tarryn Stokes, who had scored a perfect 100 earlier, and 19 year old Indigenous singer Royston Sagigi-Baira whose nerves nearly derailed his shot at the final.

Lai scored 87 points performing Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, defeating Tarryn Stokes’ version of The Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You.

“This is unbelievable. Wow!” he said. “It could’ve been anyone’s. I feel super happy and proud that I gave it my absolute best. I left everything on that stage and it paid off!”

Hosted by Julia Zemiro, according to Seven the Endemol Shine show is now their number one new show in 2018.

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  1. Tarryn was clearly the best singer. I hope she gets the opportunity to further her career. I enjoyed the series although I was left scratching my head trying to recognise more than about 6 of the 100.

  2. Congratulations Lai! To me he is more like a young Michael Jackson than Bruno Mars. Him doing Thriller would have been entertaining. Tarryn definitely was the best. Does she and Royston win anything for coming runner-ups? Did Julia mention about auditions or the show returning next year?

  3. It doesn’t matter how you rate the acts on this show, – pure talent – or – professionalism- or – gets you out of your seat – or – great song — etc , this was Not the best act , by a -c o u n t r y m i l e-

  4. Nothing personal against Lai but I can’t believe Tarryn didn’t win. In my mind she clearly had the better voice but I guess they go more on visual entertainment value than actual singing talent.

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