“Mega warped wall” to push Ninja Warrior contestants

Australian Ninja Warrior will introduce a Mega Warped Wall in its third season pushing contestants to their limits.

Heats will feature two warped walls -and a split second decision for contestants. The twist was announced last night at a media event at the show’s new Ninja course in Spotswood, in western Melbourne.

In attendance were Nine’s Head of Content, Production and Development Adrian Swift, Nine Programming Director Hamish Turner, Endemol Shine Australia Chief Content Officer Peter Newman and Executive Producer Julie Ward.

“It brings a whole new element to the show. The original warped wall is 4.2 metres but the mega warped wall is 5.2 metres,” says host Rebecca Maddern.

“All the heats end with the warped wall, but (the Ninjas) had a decision to make on the spot. They have to decide whether they are going to take the regular warped wall, or the mega warped wall.”

Host Ben Fordham added, “There’s a $5000 cash prize for anybody who takes the mega warped wall, which is another surprise for the Ninjas. They had no idea about it. They’ve all been training for the warped wall, and then all of a sudden they turn up and go ‘What’s that?’ It’s an extra metre with $5000 at the top.

“The jeopardy is once you commit to the mega wall you can’t go back. And like with the warped wall there are three attempts. So you either want the money or you might go what may be deemed the ‘easier’ path which is the standard warped wall and progress further.”

Next year the show will also offer a $100,000 prize for the contestant who goes furthest and farthest with over $250,000 for scaling Mount Midoriyama.

Filming of the third season concludes this Sunday.


    • You hit the nail on the head. The whole course has always given taller people the advantage. Now pay them as well.—– To be fair, the wall should always be – eg. Hit the ‘red’ button, adjusted to 2.5 times the contestants height.

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