Michelle Guthrie, Justin Milne both speak to Four Corners.

Both former ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie and former Chairman Justin Milne have given interviews to Sarah Ferguson for Monday’s edition of Four Corners, “Bitter End.”

This is Four Corners‘ final episode of the year and will be must-see TV.

ABC did not supply any new photo of both standing side by side….

On Monday, Four Corners investigates the corporate crisis that engulfed the ABC and brought down both the Managing Director and the Chair in the space of one brutal week.

Reporter Sarah Ferguson, in interviews with the two key individuals at the centre of this tumultuous episode, investigates the tensions and allegations that have rocked the national broadcaster – from the appointment of a “change agent” to reinvent the corporation, to the assertion of political interference at the highest levels.

Former MD, Michelle Guthrie speaks for the first time about her sacking and the breakdown of her relationship with the ABC Board. Former ABC Chair Justin Milne gives a frank account of the power struggle behind the scenes.

In the seven weeks since the ABC’s corporate meltdown there has been plenty of speculation but little detail about the events that unfolded behind closed doors at the national broadcaster.

Now Four Corners tells the inside story of the crisis that shocked the organisation and left the public confused and concerned.

Monday 12th November at 8.30pm on ABC.


  1. I rarely watch 4 Corners but will make an effort to watch this. Will we learn anything new? Or just a timeline of events which is already on public record. I’m going for the later.

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