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“The only way to be number #1 is to be broad,” Seven’s Head of Programme Development Sonya Wilkes told delegates at the Screen Forever conference this week.

While Seven’s audience skews Female 40+ to be successful shows need to hit a broad audience.

Wilkes offered a graph of Seven’s audience, using My Kitchen Rules as an example, with the biggest chunk of viewers as Women 50+ followed by Women 16-49.

“If you looked at Married at First Sight, it would look very much like that. Bride & Prejudice is very much like that.

“For a show to succeed on Seven, that’s what it needs to look like. We get a lot of people coming to us with ideas that are much younger than that, more 16-39 or more male-skew.

“It doesn’t mean they are bad ideas it just means they’re not going to get that.”

On the question of what reality shows Seven was looking for, Wilkes remains keen on tried and true subjects.

“I’m not going to day we don’t want another cooking show. I’m going to say ‘How else can we do it completely differently? How can we turn it on its head?’

“We would never stay away from those big genres, because that is what appeals to the masses. And that is what our audience is.”

Seven is keen to hear more stripped Reality pitches.

“Definitely,” she confirmed. “I would love to see Reality ideas that we could test with 10 or 12 episodes. That’s a low-risk proposition. If it works, fantastic, let’s expand it.

Bride & Prejudice is an example of that for us.”

She added, “We’re probably at least another reality show short in our year.”


  1. So given that Women 50+ are 34% of the MKR and Maybe MHR audience, does that mean we will be seeing a pusg by Seven to broaden the reporting of overnight and timeshifted Ratings. Seeing as they only show the 18-49 Demographic in the daily percentages top 20, that means with 50+ Men added in that means only 43% of the audience is being counted (as Men and Women 50+ is 53%).

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