Nine trims Family Food Fight to 2 nights a week

Struggling reality series loses one of its three nights a week.

Nine has pulled Family Food Fight from Sunday nights, leaving it to run only on Mondays and Tuesdays.

It follows disappointing numbers for the reality cooking contest at around 400,000 viewers.

This Sunday Nine will screen 60 Minutes in a 7pm slot with the repeat documentary Queen: Days of our Lives Pt 2 from 8pm (it first screened on ABC2 in 2011).

Moving 60 Minutes to 7pm should at least ensure it doesn’t cop the dreadful 422,000 it suffered last weekend.

It isn’t clear how the change will impact the show wrapping by the end of the month.

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  1. Oh dear, yes it can get worse. Matt said to cook ‘fast food’, not ‘farce food’. The greens cooked four dishes and knew there was not one worth tasting. Why did they put them onto the tasting table an cry. Then Matt let -them, change the rules. The last ‘power’, had the contestants running around in the dark with sharp knives. that is stupid. Last nights power, was awkward and wasteful. To give a team a simple -ten minute delay-, they had to waste all that food. ” Respect–the–produce “. On the other hand, the Giles girls are lovely, great cooks, good strong competitors and fun — (that sounds like last years series)— please win.

  2. Last post I said -awkward- . Now Its gone to downright embarrassing for many reasons.. They can’t cook -moose, brown rice, butter chicken, steak to order. They can’t even follow a brief of ” anything but indian “. Greens have to go, and the yellows should have gone long ago. The wrong people are being evicted because they are making one mistake. Things would be different if it was a running points scoring system. Sorry, to the host families.

  3. I feel two nights are better…but not one after the other…say Mon/Wed or something like that…and go back to last year ..with families…not just 2 people….agree with what David Knox said.

  4. We started out really wanting to enjoy FFF. , but things keep happening that are not well handled.
    Firstly, obviously picking Vegans who were way out of their league cooking meats. Others had never touched a crab. Then the Italians stuffed up big time in an elimination, but were not removed when they should have been, not fair to other players. The vegans dropped out. Then using packet pastry and not being disqualified. Why was that pastry in the pantry in the first place, other than to cause a controversy. Something feels very awkward all the time.—– & now only 2 days/wk.

  5. I’m surprised they did a series two of this junk food show anyway , given its lack lustre ratings last year.
    I’ll bet they’re paying through the nose for it though so that’s an expensive flop at the end of the year.
    Definately no family food fights in 2019…perhaps more MAFS versus more My Kitchen Rules ?

  6. There is no need for a show like this or MKR, The Block, or most other contest show to run more than 2 nights a week for exactly 60 mins an episode. It worked for well for the original season of The Block and My Restaurant Rules. The networks are just being lazy with programming, and making the episodes so dragged out where nothing actually happens.

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