Oops. Nine News tech Hitch.

Nine News in Melbourne was unable to start on time last night due to a technical problem.

Viewers were greeted with Peter Overton and a story about embattled NSW Labor leader Luke Foley. Overton soon clarified that Melbourne viewers would soon resume with Peter Hitchener.

By 6:08 the problem was sorted with Peter Hitchener apologising for the trouble.

“I can assure you I’m most grateful for your company,” he said. A classy response.

Through the rest of the bulletin there was much more use of a network graphic, but things ran smoother otherwise.

Last month ABC News was struck by a similar issue when retiring presenter Ian Henderson’s final bulletin disrupted his 40 year farewell. He returned a night later to do it all over again.


  1. Does make you wonder if the networks will ever come to their senses to ignore the accountants and return to fully staffed control rooms for news broadcasts. Automation has a proven history now that it just aint that reliable.

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