Oops social media pranks 10 rebranding

Fake tweets playing with 10's new logo

10’s new brand launched with a splash of colour last week and while there was division over the 10 Boss and 10 Peach renaming, the new logo was largely well-received.

With the furious tweeting the network was doing, a few cheeky folk on social media even threw the logo onto retro shows including It’s a Knockout and The Ronnie Johns Show.

But one peculiar tweet which landed in the flurry of 10 official announcements was one suggesting a new breakfast project called This Morning, presented by Hugh Riminton and Jayne Azzopardi (a title echoin CBS This Morning). It was very fast work for one so creative, and raised eyebrows at more than one network. Then just as quickly it was deleted….

A 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight it was a fake tweet and it was not a Network 10 official account.

Sources tell TV Tonight Jayne Azzopardi, currently at Nine, has not been talking to 10 about switching networks. All very strange…


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  1. Ten need to seriously make a commitment to news. Cause currently it is a joke. Get some credibility back. They can start with some breakfast news. A creditable service as a alternative to the fluff on 9 and 7. And premium quality news at 6pm. Not 5 pm when the limited audience is home And pointless and blind date can go to 5pm where they should be

    1. Our house laughed at 10 News on the weekend. Sydney fire. Bottom left of screen “10 News First”, bottom right of screen “7 News First”. The “news first” branding is ridiculous when both 7 & 9 have used it for ages.

    2. Good comment. I never any longer watch any Ten news after the past embarrassments. It’s just drivel. ABC and SBS only. So how do they get back to the Katrina Lee heyday? Invest money into quality journalism. Going to happen? I’m afraid the answer is a big no. I’ve watched David Rhodes read the cbs evening news many times and have no doubt the owners can do a good job of it. Will they do that here in Aus?

  2. CBS1, CBS10, and CBS11 would have been fine. Would have saved them money on branding – just reuse the ‘eye’ across channels? Move Ten to 1 – so they are #1, and then do whatever with the rest. Do these new foreign owners have bad consultants, or what?

    1. Audiences don’t want to feel that their channel is gradually going to become a clone of a US network with little Australian content. That is what branding as “CBS” would suggest to many

      Aussies have grown affection their numbers for channel branding, people didn’t really say “wonder what is on GTV tonight” back in the heyday after all

  3. The branding is great but the new names 10 Boss and 10 Peach are a joke.

    As for a new morning show, i think it would be interesting if 10 had another go at it. The current offerings of Sunrise and Today are bleak and even ABC isn’t that great anymore either. Something new and fresh in the market is what we need i recon. What that is, i don’t know.

    1. I saw a little of Perth’s 10 News First while I was on break at work today and thought the changes to the set including the new backdrop made the studio look very bright and inviting.

  4. The “This Morning” post is not farfetched. I would have put Lisa Wilkinson as the female anchor, that way they are assured to steal at least some share from Today and Sunrise. Hugh would be a credit co-anchor by her side. If they made it a low-key cross between ABC News Breakfast and CBS This Morning, it could be viable.

  5. I did wonder if Ten was going to announce another crack at Breakfast at the upfronts. There was a rumour earlier in the year they were trying to poach Sam Armytage for a breakfast show in 2019. All the while a Herald Sun article just days ago appeared to suggest very gently Hugh Riminton may be in the running to replace Karl Stefanovic.

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