Returning: Room 104

Season 2 of anthology drama Room 104 from Jay and Mark Duplass (Animals, Togetherness) begins later this month.

It returns with 12 new episodes, with tales of the characters who pass through a single room of a typical American chain motel.

While the room stays the same, every episode features a different story, with the tone, plot, characters, and even the time period, changing with each instalment.

It returns in the US next week.

Tapping into a variety of genres, from dark comedy to poignant drama to musical romance, the stories and characters featured in Season 2 include: a 30th birthday celebration side-tracked by a jealous sister; an internet first date between a famous Russian technologist and a veterinary nurse; a woman who hears a voice inside the walls; two men who meet to fulfil an unusual fantasy; and more. Filled with plenty of twists and surprises, Room 104 offers a new discovery from one episode to the next, telling tales of everyday people striving for connection and meaning inside a single room.

Mondays from November 26 at 11.30pm on FOX Showcase.

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