Returning: The Orville

Season 2 of Seth McFarlane series gets the fast-track treatment as a new year's treat.

SBS will fast-track season 2 of The Orville first via SBS On Demand then days later at SBS VICELAND.

It returns with 31 December at 1:01pm (seriously) Monday December 31 followed by a second episode at the same time on Friday January 4.

SBS VICELAND will air both episodes from 9pm on January 4.

New episodes will then screen weekly at SBS On Demand at 1:01pm every Friday afternoon and broadcast on SBS VICELAND Friday nights at 9pm.

5 Responses

  1. Great news, had a bit of a shaky start for mine or I should say it was like it decided to get all the typical MacFarlane(esq) jokes out of the way early before settling on kind of being the missing link between Star Trek TOS and TNG, really enjoyed it and look forward to more.

  2. It hasn’t been getting many viewers on SBS2 or On Demand. Friday 9pm is a better slot for it. There have been a few poor episodes, but most of them have been amusing and have had something to say.

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