Returning: Yummy Mummies

Failed reality series gets a broadcast return after all.

Seven has decided to give Yummy Mummies second season a broadcast after all.

Originally renewed as a 7Plus exclusive, it will screen in a double episode from 10pm next Monday, November 12. All episodes will drop on 7Plus this Wednesday.

Ep 1:
The expecting young mums Australia fell in love with are back! They’re off the leash and strutting in their 6-inch heels for Series 2 of the most controversial show to hit Australian television.

Ep 2:
Judgement day is here… and there’s no preparing the girls for this surprise. At least this new Mum, has a bottle of Mumm, to soften her arrival.

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  1. You’ll notice in the accompanying photo you’ve chosen David how exhilarated the yummy mummies are but not one the kids really wish to be there. They should rebadge the series, I’m a child of an attention seeking yummy mummy, get me outta here!

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