Should Bruce McAvaney be nominated for a Gold Logie?

This week with talk of Bruce McAvaney being elbowed out of future Melbourne Cup broadcasts by a strategic 10 deal with the VRC, talk turned to recognition of the legendary broadcaster.

6PR’s very own Seven man Basil Zempilas on Monday suggested McAvaney should be given a Gold Logie.

“If Bruce is not the most loved in Australian television… I am completely off the planet,” he said.

“Tell me someone who doesn’t love Bruce?

He continued, “He’s never even been nominated!”

But there is an argument, surely, that if he’s never been nominated then by definition he isn’t the Most Popular Personality on Australian TV, which is what the Gold is supposed to represent.

That said, McAvaney should absolutely be in consideration for the Hall of Fame award. It’s up to Seven to push him forward for that.

McAvaney was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2002 for service to sports broadcasting,  charitable and sporting organisations and was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame the same year.

And if not a Hall of Famer he could easily fire up the opening number with One More Time.

Updated: Seven did not put forward Bruce in the Most Popular Presenter category in 2018.


  1. I’m sure I have seen him ascend the podium at the Logies for a Sporting program win either Most Popular or Outstanding. It may have been for an Olympics coverage. He may not have been in line for an individual gong but sports commentators rarely do. Silver Logie for Presenter Perhaps?

    • KFed, just because (I’m assuming based on what you claim) you are not a tennis or horse racing fan, doesn’t mean others are too in NSW or QLD? Because if you have watched the Australian Open or Melbourne Cup for at least the past 15 years, he was a feature of both, outside of Olympics and Comm Games. And for AFL viewers, obviously has been a weekly feature of that too.

      There aren’t to many others if none of Bruce’s caliber in terms of breadth, diversity and experience in sports and broadcasting around today and from Sydney 2000 Olympics down would be a great further acknowledgement for his achievements.

      David Knox even saw him at an airport one day, saying what a great ambassador he was wearing his suit and 7 pin and talking to people or selfies or whatever. Lovely.

  2. I remember an overseas Sportscaster saying that Bruce is the best in the world at what he does. Hall of Fame would be best as Gold Logie is a joke now and Bruce is too good for that.

  3. I don’t think Seven puts McAvaney on the Logies shortlist every year. Because I have only seen his name pop up on the odd occasion. Maybe that is one reason why he hasn’t been nominated.

  4. Sure he should, why not? Given the award is now a complete joke (and has been for years), it’s not taken seriously……even some winners joke about it.

  5. Yes, Yes & Yes – Gold or HOF or both! I’m a fan of him on TV/Events and have great respect for the person – he’s an icon. I’ve never met a presenter better prepared ahead of a gig, be it big or small. Incredibly professional attitude and totally polite and easy to work with. In my experience, what you see on his telecasts is the real Bruce. And FYI I haven’t worked with him for many years and I’m not in sports TV.

  6. >> “Tell me someone who doesn’t love Bruce?

    Zempilas just needs to spend two minutes on any sports forum and he’ll find thousands that don’t. (I am not one of them).

  7. They need to turf the shows and do multiple people ones for the Hall Of Fame. Or, Do one Show one and one person. Shows are ongoing, but the people who are worthy of the Hall Of Fame aren’t going to be around forever.

  8. If he was nominated he would be just as worthy as any other nominee or winner. He’s also worthy of Hall of Fame, along with over a hundred other worthy contenders.

  9. I think he’d be very deserving for Gold or the Hall of Fame. Seven personalities and shows have a tougher time these days because Seven don’t actively promote or campaign for Logies wins, unlike Nine and Ten who both go pretty hard.

  10. Oh God no!! But then Grant Denyer won so all credibility for the Gold Logie is gone. As we saw this year it only takes a viral comment from a comedian to crown a winner. Go back to having the voting close a week or more before the ceremony.

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