Teen magic takes Nowhere Boys around the world.

Since appearing in ABC ME series Nowhere Boys 23 year old Joe Klocek has been inundated with fan messages from around the world.

The teen drama, this week awarded a BAFTA in London, screens internationally through Netflix, and while Klocek’s Instagram followers have risen considerably, he plays down its importance.

“I get a lot from Brazil and France. A lot of people want to know whether Heath’s dyslexia has been resolved, whether I get on with the other cast members or what it’s like to film.

“The number one question is when is the next season coming out?” he tells TV Tonight.

“I hate judging things by social media responses”

“But I hate judging things by social media responses because at the end of the day that’s not what’s really important or why I do it.”

Klocek (pictured top right) owes much to producer and showrunner Tony Ayres, who also cast him in the acclaimed Barracuda. He has just completed a short-run drama with Danielle Cormack, Patricia Moore, a co-production between Australia & France. His next project is yet to be announced (he gives away nothing!) and he already has a US manager.

But fans are ready for the fourth and final season of Nowhere Boys.

“It’s a lot more mature than the last season. The characters have all grown up a bit and they’re dealing with relationship breakdowns. Think of the end of your teen years, on the verge of going into adulthood,” he continues.

“You can expect the love triangles to be somewhat resolved”

“You can expect the love triangles to be somewhat resolved for my character, Heath. He had dyslexia in the last season so that is something that continues on. How he copes and somewhat overcomes it is also revealed.

“The magic is revealed too. The people who have been with it from Season 1 find out what’s been going on behind their backs.”

Does that mean original cast members may return? The show recast its 4 principals for 3rd and 4th seasons, while storylines for the original 4 played by Dougie Baldwin Joel Lok, Rahart Adams and Matt Testro were tied up in the movie Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.

“I think I can say Jake (Matt Testro) comes back, but he is very different to how he was in his last season.

“He is alongside Darci McDonald this season.”

Filming, which concluded in March, took place around Melbourne including in Greensborough, Airport West and Warrandyte. Key cast now also includes Kamil Ellis, Jordie Race-Coldrey, Luca Sardelis, William McKenna.

As the eldest of the 5 principals, 23 year old Klocek had to channel his inner 17 year old as Heath Buckland.

“It did feel kind of weird!” he laughs. “A lot of the other leads are closer to the age they are playing, but as soon as I get in a room with them I’m back to my teenage years. A lot of them we doing their HSC while we were filming, so I got back into living the teenage life pretty quickly.

“Heath has a bad boy persona but he is quite insecure”

“Heath has a bad boy persona but he is quite insecure in how he is, so you have to see through the façade. But the other characters know who they are.

“But Heath has an expectation to live up to. It’s a way to mask his dyslexia as well.”

The show also subtly touches upon diversity with its casting and character traits, including around Jesse’s (Jordie Race-Coldrey) sexuality.

For Klocek, the misfit grouping in a world of magic & elements, is one of the show’s strongest magnets.

“What’s interesting is that they are people who wouldn’t usually be friends, but they become friends because of what they’re thrown into.”

Nowhere Boys returns 5pm Monday and continues weekdays on ABC ME.

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