Tim Bailey battles the elements (and a few cynics)

Never one to miss an opportunity for drama 10 News weather man, Sydney’s Tim Bailey, was gripping onto an umbrella as he presented the weather atop the network’s Pyrmont headquarters.

“It’s been 44 years since Sydney has had a November pummelling like this!” he began, before continuing with a high-charged report.

But Nine’s Tom Steinfort took to Twitter to question his inclusion of an umbrella, with Bailey returning in kind.


  1. These type of antics in news and weather actually cheapen and degrade the quality of journalism. I understand the idea to engage viewers and have some fun, but sometimes it is not necessary.
    But overall the quality of news seems less professional and responsible.
    I often use the phrase “doom and gloom” as news often have the propensity to scare the public, ‘be alert but not alarmed’ would be a better approach.

  2. Then, if Bailey’s bad acting was not ridiculous enough, the clip here was immediately followed by (on tenplay.com.au/news/sydney at 14.10-14.25) “check out this cat we found a fashionable feline to beat the rain, yep that is a raincoat…”.
    Well, no, it was a YouTube clip from someone else overseas, uploaded two months ago.

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