Upfronts 2019: 10: variety, new dramas, multichannel rebrand.

Rove, Julia Morris, Chris Brown, Grant Denyer & Amanda Keller spearhead a variety refresh for 10.

  • New 10 branding
  • Multichannels rebadged as 10 Boss & 10 Peach
  • 4 Pilot Week shows get greenlight
  • 3 new local dramas
  • 10 All Access subscription service
  • The Gilded Age, Murphy Brown, The Conners

TEN has rebranded as 10 dispensing with all T-E-N lettering at its 2019 Upfronts last night, including the rebranding of multichannels as 10 Boss and 10 Peach. CBS Subscription service 10 All Access will launch in December with 3 original titles plus library episodes.

Four shows from Pilot Week get the green light: Trial by Kyle, Kinne Tonight, Taboo and Bring Back Saturday Night. Pilot Week will return in 2019.

A newly announced drama series The Secrets She Keeps is a dark tale of two women from very different walks of life who have one thing in common –explosive secrets that could destroy their lives. It joins previously confirmed new dramas, Five Bedrooms, the story of five very different people who meet on the singles’ table at a wedding and decide to buy a house together; My Life Is Murder with Lucy Lawless as Alexa Crowe, a brilliant, insightful, and completely-without-filter investigator; plus new comedy series Mr Black, written by Adam Zwar and starring Stephen Curry and Nadine Garner.

New international titles include the Murphy Brown revival, The Conners (Roseanne spin-off) and The Gilded Age from UK writer Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey).

Australian Survivor returns to a Champions vs Contenders format, Poh Ling Yeow, Billie McKay and Matt Sinclair become MasterChef mentors with Nigella Lawson returning, and a shorter season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! comes with a Live streaming Saturday night edition on 10 All Access.

Absent: Shark Tank, Sisters, Cram, Family Feud, Offspring, Street Smart, Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures, The Wrong Girl
To be determined: Playing For Keeps, Game Of Games, Blind Date, How To Stay Married, The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds

10 Boss targets women and men over 40 with programming driven by bold, confident characters, while 10 Peach targeting 16-to-39-year-olds looking for feel-good, escapist entertainment.

10 All Access full content library, launch date and pricing will be announced soon.

Network 10 Chief Executive Paul Anderson said: “We are the adventurous alternative, the network that has always taken risks and tried new things – always with a sense of fun and with content that really engages with our under-50s audience.”

Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “We are ready to deliver a slate of new and returning hit shows that build on the success we’ve had this year and get to consumers wherever they are, whenever they want to watch.

“Next year we will strengthen our position as leaders in escapist entertainment and we’ll have differentiated flagship content targeting people under 50s, 50 weeks a year, starting right now across all our platforms.”


Bring Back Saturday Night,
Celebrity Name Game,
Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway,
Dancing With The Stars,
Changing Rooms,
Five Bedrooms,
Kinne Tonight,
Mr Black,
My Life Is Murder,
The Secrets She Keeps,
Trial By Kyle,


The Conners,
The Gilded Age,
Murphy Brown,


10 News First,
Ambulance Australia,
Australian Survivor,
Bachelor In Paradise,
Bondi Rescue,
Have You Been Paying Attention?,
Hughesy, We Have A Problem,
I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!,
MasterChef Australia,
Show Me The Movie!,
Studio 10,
The Bachelor Australia,
The Bachelorette Australia,
The Living Room,
The Project,
Todd Sampson’s BodyHack


Jamie Oliver,

The Graham Norton Show


Melbourne Cup Carnival,
The A-League,
MotoGP World Championship,
Formula 1 2019 Australian Grand Prix

10 Boss

Madam Secretary,
Judge Judy,
Law & Order: SVU,
NCIS: Los Angeles,
CSI: Miami,
Walker Texas Ranger,
Formula 1,

10 Peach:

This is Us,
Posh Shop Frock,
Stage Mums,
Sex And The City,
The Loop,
The Flash,
Will & Grace,
Two And A Half Men,
100% Hotter

10 All Access:

One Dollar,
Strange Angel,
Tell Me A Story,
Happy Together,
The Good Wife
The Good Fight (S1)
Past seasons: NCIS, Frasier, Cheers, Survivor, Neighbours, The Bachelor Australia, The Bachelorette Australia, The Living Room and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Then / Now

Network TEN / Network 10
TEN / 10
TEN HD / 10 HD
ELEVEN / 10 Peach
ONE / 10 Boss
tenplay / 10 Play
ten daily / 10 Daily
TEN Eyewitness News First At Five / 10 News First
TEN Sport / 10 Sport


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  1. For the first time in over a year I watched FTA today. I watched an episode of Becker on Eleven and thought I might continue watching it since it’s been a while since I watched it all but then I saw an ad for Neighbours using the new name and it just sounds stupid. I might occasionally watch some Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie on 7Flix but not going back to Eleven, One or Ten as long as they use these ridiculous names.

  2. i can see what they’re doing with the renaming & its stuck back in the 1970’s! Seems like Peach is for shows women will watch & Boss for men’s shows (stereotypically that is). Like others have said, it seems like a waste of $

  3. I’m so excited for 2019 on 10! I personally love the new logo, but I’m not too keen on Boss and Peach. Great to see Trial by Kyle and Bring Back Saturday night have been picked up as part of pilot week. Sad to see that Shark Tank and Russell Coight are not returning. Can’t wait for my favourite shows as well as new ones. Gogglebox, HYBPA, Show me the Movie, I’m a Celeb and The Bachelor franchises are always winner for me and am thrilled that they’re all returning. I’m also excited for Dancing with the Stars and Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway. Can’t wait for 2019 on 10 #10TVWithATwist

    1. There are only so many investments the current Sharks can be across – it does feel like they’d need to find a new group to renew it on an annual basis. It has had a good run so far.

      Off-topic, but another season of Undercover Boss Australia would always appeal but very hard to do covertly given how well known the premise is by now

  4. So now you have to pay to watch Frasier? And where’s Raymond?!

    Oh, and the new 10play app *still* doesn’t have captions. Or is that something 10 expects people to pay for?

  5. I am relatively happy with what Ten have planned for 2019. I really like the new “10’ logo and graphics design, however I don’t like “10 Boss” and especially “10 Peach” which are too lettery and off-beat in my opinion.

  6. Peach? Really? Nine were so much smarter using the generic Gem, Go and Life. In a world trying so hard to break down gender differences, I am amazed by Ten and Seven being so blatant in their Men and Women channels.

    Of course, using ridiculous names gets great publicity, and social media buzz.

  7. Is NCIS and LA along with Madam Secretary and other shows like that now going to Boss?? Also why is it only Bull and NCIS that’s listed under returning for International section? From what I read is Boss getting the new episodes of NCIS, LA, Madam Secretary and other shows??

  8. This is a comment not on channel 10, but why do the commercial stations continue to brand their channels associated with their obsolete VHF analogue channels? The Nine Network was on VHF channel 9, The Seven Network was on VHF channel 7 and the Ten Network was on VHF channel 10. Similarly up to the late 1980s when the ‘0’ channels in Brisbane and Melbourne reflected their VHF frequency. Today they are not. For example SBS broadcasts on VHF 7.

    The ABC and SBS are always identified by its brand name ABC and SBS and to an extent the commercial networks Prime and WIN. All immune from analogue and digital technology. Nine does not broadcast on VHF 9 the same applies to Seven and Ten.

    So why do the commercial networks stick to its analogue brand when it’s not broadcasting on their foundation VHF analogue frequencies?

    Anthony of Belfield

    1. Because digital TV still has allocated channel numbers, aka LCNs.

      No one is outright telling their TV to tune to PID 1573 on the transport stream at 191,625MHz, they’re typing in “10” or at least flipping through the numbers.

      Channel 10 were in the envious position (among broadcasters) of being allocated the lowest channel range and having all three of their channels at the very low end of the channel guide, amongst the main channels from the other broadcasters, and their original number-based branding reflected and took advantage of that.

      1. When I was watching the ABC and SBS during its analogue ‘days’ and now with digital TV, it was never said to tune to 64Mhz say for Channel 2. I was told by both broadcsaters that I am watching the ABC or SBS. All announcements were about the brand not the channel.

        The logical channel number LCN bears no relation to the VHF allocated frequency. For example when the experimental 3D transmissions were carried out by the 9 Network and 7 Network , the LCN was 40 for both networks the 3D’s transmitter (Gore Hill) broadcasting on the same frequency. Source Table 1, page 4, document at ACMA.
        On another occasion, for the London Olympics, the LCN was 95 for the 9 Network.

  9. I’m glad Bondi Rescue is returning, but it’s a shame they didn’t pick up Drunk History.

    Their new logo just seems cheap & tacky, I don’t *hate* it per-say, I just think it’s a bit self-deprecating. Perhaps the problem is that so far, we’ve only seen highly compressed, low resolution version of the logos. If we can see a crisp high-resolution vector file, maybe I’ll change my mind on it, but they’ve done an exceptionally poor job of presenting their new logo on social media with just a bunch of low-res logos.
    The best version I can find is on Wikimedia, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links here so I won’t. If people want to see it, head to the Ten Network Wikipedia page, click on the logo, then you can see an option for different sizes, the max being 1024 x 1024 pixels.
    Something about it just seems off to me.

    Time will tell how it works out, hopefully ends up being for the…

  10. You’ve mentioned under 10 All Access: The Good Wife (S1). My understanding from the press release is that the entire The Good Wife will be featured alongside The Good Fight (S1).

  11. I would have loved to be in the meeting, when they realised they had nothing new to offer and poor programmes, so they should just change the names of their stations????

    The only thing i record on 10 is Graham Norton and i didn’t even realise until 5 weeks in they were showing new episodes!…… nothing to see here!

  12. It was just a matter of time before 10 did all their branding like Nine and Seven do (as in have 7 or 9 in front of all their channel names and brands) – but Peach? Who comes up with a name like that! ew!

    I agree with an earlier comment about ONE – a marketing opportunity lost. 10 One as a name could have worked? Not keen on Boss either.

    1. Not sure if you’re referring to my comment but I feel they could have rebranded as Network 1, thus making the multichannels 1HD, 1 BOSS and 1 Peach.

      (and like others I am not keen on those names either)

  13. With a lot of empty slots to fill 10 have gone local content which can’t be bad for the industry. Why do I have vision of a peach with an emerging worm and a black leather clad dominatrix?
    The new lineup will make a change from 7 & 9’s if it’s monday it’s Border Security, tuesday Bones, wednesday…
    Paying for Early Access isn’t for this little black duck or kids watching their pocket money. Streaming can give programmers a clue to a shows popularity but like the employment criteria, watching for 5 seconds can mean that you watched the whole show.
    I’m a survivor get me out of Masterchef could be up against The Block for Battlers, How to Get Away with Mince or Forget the Body, What’s the Bank Balance?

  14. Is there any plans to expand its new services across the day? This is where 10 is lacking and CBS knows that news is at the forefront of a compelling offer to viewers.

  15. The only thing I’m not keen on is the names of Boss and Peach (10 joins the Mario-verse?!) but all in all I think this is the total enema the channel needed. Also hugly delighted at Australian Survivor returning (even if they are repeating the last theme).

  16. Some good stuff here. Have You Been Paying Attention? coming back makes me the happiest. Happy to see Kinne got picked up. I hope both of them are on 10 all access with no ads I don’t watch FTA so I rely on tenplay and that is pretty bad.

    Finally a streaming service will have Cheers that is almost enough to make me sign up on its own. Hoping for some old Australian shows like Rush, Good News Week and Watch Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

    I really hate these new names I’m going to stick with calling them One and Eleven.

  17. Can’t believe that TEN have willingly given up the number one and renamed it Boss. Number One, Alpha, Numero Uno has always been highly sought after in all walks of life – especially commercial ventures – because it signifies being the best. The names Boss and Peach reminds me of FM radio when they were calling stations The River and Wave. Fuzzy, amorphous and lacking identity and a coherent focus.

    1. I hear first choices were ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Pig’. My remotes are set on 1 for One and 11 for 11. Simples. And how much is all of this costing? For what? I thought I must have slept in and it was 1st April already.

    2. I wonder if they even considered dropping Ten/10 and going for 1 instead? One button to press on the remote, plus it would make them sound more important (they could even say quite honestly “We’re Number 1!”)

      Is that too out there? Would it alienate their existing audience too much?

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