“We will see it when it comes on Netflix”

Do younger viewers watch everything on Netflix and not on Free to Air catch-up?

Yesterday Pine Gap creator Greg Haddrick told the Screen Forever conference, that was where some of his own acquaintances would probably watch the show, despite having to wait until it was added around mid-April.

“My kids are 28, 25 & 23 and I talk to a lot of their (friends) at parties and they say, ‘We will watch it when it comes on Netflix.

“And I say it’s on ABC now. It’s on iview now.

“But they say ‘Yeah yeah…. we will see it when it comes on Netflix.”


  1. Yeah I tend to wait for the streaming services for those types of shows, iView would be okay like below if in HD so I wait (even Whovians looks bad on iView and better on the SD ABC Comedy). Used to record shows and still do with some like Doctor Who and Mad As Hell, however that’s more because of the times they’re on and I watch that night. Mad As Hell because sometimes I want to wind back and catch some quip again, Doctor Who mainly because of Whovians and that way I watch right after (also recorded).

    In most cases it’s about waiting for the whole series to be there and I can watch over a week, even with Stan and say Better Call Saul, I wait until the whole season is up before I start (granted for a month and then cancel again). Which in my mind is odd at times as I used to be a Fast Tracker advocate and now I don’t care about waiting, basically I keep Prime Video there…

  2. Netflix is a bit of a by-word for streaming I think. I often say “I’ll watch it on Netflix”, but actually mean iView or Ten Play or whatever platform the show happens to be on.

  3. carolemorrissey

    Well I’m an oldie & am the exact opposite. I don’t want to use my internet data, or whatever it is, on a show if it will be on TV. I saw The Americans was on foxtel now but don’t want to watch the final 2 seasons there if they will be on One. I would rather watch shows which will never be on TV.

    • A lot of the shows on Netflix won’t ever be on FTA because they are Netflix original shows or they are shows that our networks haven’t purchased. The same goes for Stan and even iView and SBS On Demand have shows that are exclusive to their streaming services.

  4. it’s probably easier just to rely on one service than having to navigate through different ones.

    the TV shows I watch come from one particular source and they are streamed through Plex to my Xbox. So much easier than trying to find them in many different places.

  5. 100%. I’m 24 and most people I know have no idea that the latest season of Brooklyn 99 is on SBS. They’re sitting around waiting for it come on Netflix.

  6. That’s successful branding for you.
    Just like when someone asks you about something, you would say “Just Google it”, when all you’re doing is using a search engine.
    “iView and Chill” doesn’t have the same ring to it, even though iView is a-may-zing.

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