What I’ve Been Watching: Alan Brough

Alan Brough, who has a role in the upcoming Blake Mysteries is a fan of Hilda, Big Mouth & Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

What’s on your Must See TV list lately and why?
AB: I’ve been avidly watching two very contrasting shows both on Netflix. ‘Hilda’ is one of the most beautiful shows I have seen in many years. It is an animation based on a series of graphic novels and features a half-dog half-deer named Twig, grumpy trees and an extraordinarily real relationship between a young woman and her mum. The other show I can’t get enough of is ‘Big Mouth.’ It’s not for the faint-hearted. Indeed some of it isn’t for the hard-hearted. It is easily the rudest, funniest show on TV.

What are your Guilty Pleasure shows?
AB: I like to watch ABC’s Q&A with the sound down and try and work out what the panelists are saying.

Describe your viewing habits.
AB: I watch TV on an actual TV. At night. Sometimes I might watch a few episodes of a show in a row but mostly I watch one episode of something per night. I don’t normally sit down to watch anything until about 9pm so one episode – and then perhaps a few music videos on YouTube – and I’m ready for bed.

You are acting in Blake Mysteries, what other shows would you secretly love to appear on?
AB: I really, really, really, really want to be on the US police comedy ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ It is a classic ensemble comedy in the vein of ‘The Mary Tyler-Moore Show’ and ‘Taxi.’ I would like to play Scully’s illegitimate son.

As a viewer what’s the best and worst thing about watching Australian Television at the moment?
AB: Best thing: that Channel 10 decided to call one of their channels ‘Peach.’ Worst thing: That arseholes like Scott Morrison etc feel compelled to criticise the ABC at every turn. The ABC isn’t perfect but it’s much more respected, loved and well-managed than the current government. Put a sock in it SloMo. (Or whatever his name is.)

What can you reveal about your role in The Blake Mysteries and what else should we expect from the telemovie?
AB: I can’t reveal anything. It’s a mystery. Revealing anything about a mystery makes it, well, not mysterious. All I’ll say is this…

The Blake Mysteries airs on Seven 8:30pm Friday November 30.

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