Back Roads: Dec 17

Paul West returns as a guest presenter visiting the Furneaux Islands, just off Tasmania.

Former River Cottage Australia host Paul West returns as a guest presenter to Back Roads this week, visiting the Furneaux Islands, a wild and windswept group of islands in Bass Strait, just off Tasmania.

The cold ocean waters around the Furneaux Islands are full of treasures like lobsters and abalone. However, the seas have also claimed their own prizes. The rusted hulls of wrecked ships dot the waters around the 50-plus islands.

The islands share a bloody and violent history, but also an incredible story of survival.

“It’s important because most people don’t know about the story of this place. They don’t know about the history of Tasmanian Aborigines and don’t know that Truganini wasn’t the last,” says islander maikutena Vicki Green.

Paul delves deep into the surprising communities that call the Furneaux Islands home. He finds a tough, tight-knit bunch. As Paul says, “The people are as wild and woolly as the weather.”

attling the famous Furneaux weather Paul visits Cape Barren Island, home to traditional muttonbirders and a rare style of folk music. Cape Barren Island Music is a unique blend of styles influenced by indigenous culture and the European sealer’s folk melodies.

Production details: Executive Producer, Brigid Donovan. Series Producer, Louise Turley. Supervising Producer, Kerri Ritchie. Field Producers, Lisa Whitehead, Gerri Williams and Damien Estall.

8pm Monday on ABC.

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