1. Yeah, I have a grievance that needs airing. How come you are allowed to post Youtube videos on this site but no-one else can? (Imagine this in a Frank Costanza voice.)

    • Happy Festivus Jimbo. Over the years people have tried to spam comments and self promote all kinds of stuff. It’s a blanket rule to keep comments link free and focused on the post. I don’t post clips in comments either. p.s. grievances are aired in comments every day of the year, and some ppl complain about that too. Sometimes you can’t win.

  2. My grievance, —I’ve watched the ‘ block’ series on channel 7 , every night for years. The plot is always the same and it always has the same sad ending. I wish just once ,it would be an exciting happy conclusion, so we can live happily ever after. —-It’s called the Australian Lotto ‘Block.’

  3. ‘Festivus for the rest of us’!!!

    I watch this and the Elaine Christmas Card episode of Seinfeld at least once every festive season! Love!

    All the best to you and your family, David.

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