Horn downs Mundine in just 96 seconds

Sports fans were stunned when boxer Jeff Horn annihilated Anthony Mundine in just 96 seconds last night in a bout at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

The match didn’t get underway until 11pm but it was all over in the first round after Horn let fly with a left hook.

After the defeat Mundine declared his “time’s up” as a boxer, with the defeat effectively ending his 18-year professional career.

“Jeff proved tonight he’s the better man,” Mundine said.

“That’s the next generation, man. I was ready. I was prepared well. It’s just boxing, you get caught sometimes.”

It screened on Main Event.

Source: ABC


  1. “Take the money and dive”, It is such a pity that a judge can’t fine an ‘entertainer’ , the amount of the prizemoney,, for committing such an act.

  2. “sports fans were stunned”
    don’t think so…. Horne was always going to belt the tar out of him.
    the fight was just as bad as Danny Green Vs Paul Briggs

    feel sorry for those who wasted $60 on this “fight” – the undercards were more entertaining.

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