Jodie Whittaker sticks with Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker will return for another series of Doctor Who.

While we presumed she would do just that, it was never guaranteed …heaven forbid she she did a Christopher Eccleston on us all and exit after just one season.

“I really can’t wait to step back in and get to work again,” Whittaker told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s such an incredible role. It’s been an extraordinary journey so far and I’m not quite ready to hand it over yet.”

The 11th season draws to a close today with the show returning for a special on January 2nd.

Season 12 is expected to start shooting in early 2019.


  1. Unfortunately a Doctor that talked a thousand miles a hour, story lines all about social issues, terrible and non memorable villains, episode which had ordinary endings..Yes we voted this worst season since last season of Sylvestor McCoy.
    Memo Mr Show runner….you have completely changed Dr Who trust you come to your senses next season.It’s not Broaf church.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this season and hope they carry the momentum with another one in 2019 (a break really hobbled the Capaldi era). And I disagree with the critics of the writing. They’ve had plenty of real ‘heart’ plots, and for me to actually care very much about Bradley Walsh’s character (doing a Billie Piper for whom I didn’t like at all when she started but bawled like a child when she left) is testamount to great scripting.

  3. As sammy58 says the rumours were out there that this new doctor had only one season in her, Chris Chibnall’s omission of some of Dr Who’s regular alien adversaries has probably upset the ‘Who’ purists who are just as devoted to the old storylines as are the Star Trek fans, fans who may find the inclusion of some of the changed themes not only too contemporary but moving another step further away from the hammy comicbook imagery that make these 60’s sci fi shows so unique and long lasting for all generations, Dr Who the show is 55 years old after all.

  4. S11 had no great episodes or even one that you’d bother to remember let alone watch again. The average IMDB rating for Whittaker’s episodes has been 6.6 compared to 7.8 for last season. However, the move to Sunday nights has been a big success boosting the ratings significantly. I hated the writing for this season, deadful SF ideas, characters whose only reason for existing was to deliver politically correct public service announcements. They were inconsistently written and were the most irrelevant assistants since Sarah Jane Smith, who was there just to sprain her ankle and then be rescued. Whittaker’s Doctor was one note, and that was full on ranting, manic and ditzy in every scene. It didn’t help that she looked like Mork or a contemporary Mime crossed with a trainspotter. Personally I liked Capaldi. He’s was capable of adding gravitas as well as biting sarcasm, which suited…

  5. I disagree with Ren completely. I’ve found the story-lines this season the most interesting they’ve been for a while and Jodie is such a refreshing change after the dire Capaldi. The decision to move away from the same-old villains was a smart one, although hopefully some of them will return in the next season.

  6. The Mirror UK stated this as a rumour weeks ago and if the other part of the report is true and that is Chibnall is unhappy behind the scenes and does not like the workload and that if he leaves Jodie will leave as well, we are up for another new show runner and doctor already.

  7. Next season is slated for 2020 according to the twitter @bbcdoctorwho. Really disappointed with the writing this season and this is another kick in the guts. Too much exposition, under developed characters, weak villains, cringe worthy acting and average at best episodes that are unmemorable.

    Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes! Turning the season int a tv procedural didn’t help either!

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