Michael Usher to host late night bulletin for Seven

Seven has confirmed a new late night bulletin, The Latest, to be hosted by Michael Usher, making it one of the few late night bulletins on Free to Air.

Usher previously presented Nightline on Nine.

Seven Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, said: “The time is right to have a nightly news programme post 6pm.

The Latest will be exactly what the title says. Big stories of the day develop throughout the night and many stories are breaking. We’ll be live to wherever we need to be. It will be a destination for Australians to get the very latest on the happenings at home and abroad as well as digging deeper on key issues.”

It will launch at 10.30pm on Wednesday 19 December, straight after the first Big Bash League clash.


  1. Would be a good idea for a late night wrap up. Just need to get rid of the tedious hours of pointless news elsewhere during the day (what audience?). Especially 4pm where there needs to be better programming.

    • The networks are out of touch thinking everyone is home for 6pm – one only has to see the traffic and loads on trains to see about half the working population struggles to get in the door for the 6pm bulletin. The rush to be “first” meant everyone forgot this, other than the ABC’s sensible 7pm timeslot.

      I am surprised one of the multi-channels doesn’t just show the 6pm bulletins at 7pm or even 7:30pm as a trial to see what ratings they can get (a National bulletin as 7TWO tried is not the same)

  2. Yes..I chat with many in the US and Canada…I often give them their news…before they see it… 🙂
    But agree with s5000…it has to be a set time…I also have not patience for chasing shows around.

  3. Still be 3 hours old by the time it hits WA. The 8:30pm new update will be more up to date than the late news. Can’t understand why they don’t make use of the time difference and actually air a late bulletin from Perth same as the ABC does now.

  4. As long as they super glue it to a start time every night, it has the potential to build an audience and be mildly successful.
    The death of Nightline, and an extent, Lateline, is that in the end, no one knew when it was on. 10:39pm on night, 12:05am another, then 11:14pm the next.
    No one has the patience for that.

    • It appears they are placing it after the Big Bash– thus can already guarantee it will have a flexible finish time over the first 6 weeks because Big Bash finish times are not consistent.

  5. the latest…. when Australia is going to bed and the rest of the world is waking up? I can’t imagine there being to many breaking news stories at 10:30 at night. but hey, it creates jobs..

    • 9/11, Sandra Sully springs to mind. 10pm = 11am UK, Noon Europe, 6am NYC. Overseas news at this hour is often covered live by ABC News, ABC, SBS. A lot happens in Australia after 7pm, or 4pm AWDT.

  6. This is fantastic news. Michael is also a great choice. Hope they let him do some serious political interviews as their is a huge gap in that market since the ABC killed off Lateline to keep the conservatives happy.

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