Ouch. ABC beats 10 every night of the week.

I may be wrong, but don’t think I have ever written these words before…..

ABC has beaten 10 every night of the week.

The loss of the Big Bash League is being felt at 10, unable to rise above 400,000 all week. Their best effort was The Project 7pm averaging 357,000. That’s also their lowest weekly average I can ever recall.

10 has maintained it would offer summer entertainment without sport. So far that doesn’t appear to be working. Outside of news and current affairs the highest for the week was NCIS and The Graham Norton Show both on 323,000. It also comes just weeks after 10’s brand refresh.

That’s not the Christmas present the network wants, and hopefully it can improve before I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here begins in mid January.

Meanwhile Seven, which now has Big Bash and Cricket rights, won its first week of summer. Seven News Sunday topped the week at 940,000 viewers followed by Day 3 of the Second Test at 873,000.

Seven: 31.5
Nine: 27.5
ABC: 18.2
10: 14.7
ABC: 8.0

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.9
Nine: 17.8
ABC: 12.9
10: 8.5
SBS: 4.9

9GO!: 4.1
7mate: 4.0
10 Bold: 3.7
7TWO / 9GEM: 3.1
ABC KIDS Comedy: 2.8
7flix / 9Life: 2.6
10 Peach: 2.5
ABC News: 1.7
SBS Food: 1.4
7Food Network: 1.0
ABC ME: 0.7
NITV: 0.2

Seven won every night except Tuesday which fell to Nine.

Seven also claimed every city.


  1. i’d say alot might be due viewers being sick to death of Xmas advertising, it starts earlier & earlier every year, & now its backfiring on them because people are simply switching off.
    Speaking of advertising, Ten’s own promotions have become increasingly relentless in the past few years so that could be another reason to put people off. ATM they are putting promos on for ‘Im a Celebrity’ literally every single ad break in some shows, how is that necessary??

    • Every break, and I mean Every break, at least on WIN/10, screaming Harvey Norman Boxing Day Sales commercials. Probably “buy 10 spots get 50 free”. An absolute turnoff. Thank God for Netflix.

  2. Ten didn’t need rebranding. They need *content*, and they seem masochistic in their bizarre decision-making at 10 HQ; chasing the oversatured 25-54 market when 16-39 continues to be their strongest performing, losing the FOX deal, dumping the ever-reliable schedule-filler The Simpsons on 11 when it was still rating well (seemed like a disgruntled/shortsighted old fart’s decision that would have lead to it being relegated to the digital channel).

    The previous branding was one of the few good things that Ten still had going for it.

    • They are putting money into content….entertainment content. the problem is not many are attracted to it. Games of Games, Blind date, Dancing with the stars, Sunday Night Take Away. They need sport. and major sport. The Big Bash was the start of their recovery after the Murdoch axings. They needed to build on the Big Bash with other major sports rights. They needed to grab more cricket and the tennis. But now they have nothing. Its going to be a long 4-5 years until the next major sports rights. Sport gets eyeballs to promote other shows.

    • The 16-39 demographic still watching TV is too small to be profitable. James Murdoch tried to switch back to that demographic in 2013, which lead to a ratings collapse and them eventually ending up in administration when Murdoch and Gordon cancel the credit they were operating under and tried to take them over. It is no longer the 1990s. Ten is not going to beat the BBL or the ABC’s over 60 audience numbers in Summer. Of more concern is how Celebrity does without effective promotion.

  3. Part of the problem is they aren’t picking the dramas that people may actually enjoy. For example, I’ve seen no adverts for the new Charmed, I found it on 10Play by chance.

  4. Gee! Going by the story and the comments, you would think that TEN is about to shut shop and become an irrelevant entity. Seven and Nine management could only wish they had the backing of one the richest money wise and content rich media organization in CBS behind them. Time is not of the essence here. TEN is going to be a slow build up. CBS have mentioned it many times in their media statements It seems that this “instant gratification” is very prevalent in the Australian media landscape. Let’s wait and see how this pans out for TEN by the end of 2019 and even 2020. Then we can make a more critical analysis of there direction in this Australian Media Landscape

    • You have a touching faith in CBS and their patience for an under performing property-with the rate of decline in audiences for FTA TV, 10 doesn’t have any time to waste.

    • I think CBS has bigger problems than its little Australian outfit. Losing its CEO, its US channel’s ratings, the on-again-off-again merger with Viacom…I doubt the CBS brass give more than a passing thought about 10.

  5. I can’t even begin to imagine how deep into the barrel they’ve had to go to find celebrities willing to go to ‘the jungle’ in mid-January.
    I do feel for ten overall though. They built BBL up pretty much from nothing just to lose it.

  6. 10 brand refresh is a failure, they should just go back to what they were doing well before then. I don’t even know what happened to A Million Little Things – 2 eps and it just disappeared! Bumping This is Us to the secondary channel? Who thinks up these things????

  7. nothing can save 10, they need to cut there losses and go online only. No one is watching and the people that are watching are only watching because they can’t stand what the other networks are offering. maybe 2019 will be a turn around but I highly doubt it. 7 and 9 have the ratings by the proverbial and aren’t letting go

    • Even less would, or could, watch online. One problem is the number of repeats of repeats, incorrectly labelled “encore”s. The only 10-things currently watched in our house are Bold & the Beautiful, first half of the 5pm news, maybe the second half of The Project. The FTA channels are victims to their own competition. 10 All Access, Stan, etc., then Netflix. Three weeks to IACGMOOH, then waiting for MasterChef, Goggle Box, Survivor, HYBPA. ABC and 9 don’t have sport right now, just like 10.

  8. Maev....Sydney

    Oh dear…here we all were thinking CBS would be their savior…just seems to be worse than ever…and then cutting off TV Tonight…who has been a big supporter…I tend to miss things they offer..because it is not here…and this is my go to site….
    7TWO I use to watch …and I know it is petty…but their promos for British Mysteries…really gets up my nose…because Murdoch is Canadian …do they think we are all too stupid to realise… ?

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