Seven objects to Nine claim on Today win

Seven has rejected a claim that Today finished the year ahead of Sunrise on the East Coast.

This week Nine claimed: “Today, Australia’s longest running breakfast program, finished the year as champion of the timeslot across the combined East Coast capitals of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.”

But Nine’s numbers were drawn from the Calendar year including Summer & Easter.

Over the ratings year, Seven remains in front:

Wks7-48 (excl. Easter/Comm Games) – Data: Consolidated (Live + As Live+ TSV28)

Sunrise: 195,377
Today: 195,177

Wks 7-48 (excl. Easter, incl. Comm Games) – Data: Consolidated (Live + As Live + TSV28)

Sunrise: 195,869
Today: 195,115

 If the numbers are to be compared over a Calendar year, perhaps that should be done in January, given the numbers are so close.

Yesterday Today executive producer Mark Calvert took one for the team and resigned after 5 years. Industry chatter suggests A Current Affair boss Steve Burling is next to take over.

As Nine boss Darren Wick observed yesterday, “There is no programme on Australian television that is analysed, revised and criticised as much as Today.”


  1. It is strange that either wants to highlight the fact, that overall, very few people are watching at all.
    They both want us to believe that ‘Australia’ is watching, them. No we are not. Everyone I know is looking at their Iphones.

  2. As with the radio ratings, they’ll always cherry-pick the data that suits them. What this data actually shows is that the programs are almost indistinguishable. And that’s sad in and of itself.

  3. These TV shows live in their own little bubble. They really aren’t as important as they think they are with the numbers they pull. I watched a dad and his son explore a Doomsday shelter on You tube that got 5.2 million views.

    • Spot on. They are beating their chests just to position themselves to advertisers. And realistically, the minor disparity between those numbers is so small that it really doesn’t matter, particularly when you then break it down to TARPs

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