Seven wins 2018 ratings year

Ratings: Seven rules 2018 results. Nine claims 25-54 demo on its primary channel.

Seven network has won its 12th consecutive ratings year, topping both Total People and the key demos.

Thanks to events such as the Commonwealth Games (falling into 1 week of survey) Winter Olympics, Royal Wedding, AFL and shows such as My Kitchen Rules, Seven’s share was its highest commercial share ever.

While Nine was unable to win its coveted 25-54 demo, it did claim it on the primary channel share.

As Olympics and Commonwealth Games are ‘abnormal’ events  for advertisers, it is standard to run numbers both with and without. On either measure, Seven wins on network front.

Excluding Easter & Commonwealth Games

5 City Metro, Weeks 7 – 48 6pm – midnight. incl. Consolidated 28 Day data*

Seven: 30.3
Nine: 27.2
10: 17.4
ABC: 17.2
SBS: 7.9

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.2
Nine: 19.1
10: 12.4
ABC: 12.3
SBS: 5.7

25-54 (network):
Seven: 30.4
Nine: 29.5
10: 21.9
ABC: 11.3
SBS: 6.9

18-49 (network):
Not supplied

16-39 (network):
Seven: 30.9
Nine: 29.6
10: 23.2
ABC: 10.2
SBS: 6.2

Including Commonwealth Games

5 City Metro, Weeks 7 – 48 excluding Easter, 6pm – midnight. incl. Consolidated 7 Day data*

Seven: 30.7
Nine: 27.3
10: 17.3
ABC: 16.9
SBS: 7.7

Primary channel:
Seven: 20.7
Nine: 19.2
10: 12.3
ABC: 12.2
SBS: 5.5

25-54 (network):
Seven: 30.8
Nine: 29.5
10: 21.8
ABC: 11.1
SBS: 6.7

18-49 (network):
Not supplied

16-39 (network):
Seven: 31.4
Nine: 29.5
10: 23.2
ABC: 9.9
SBS: 6.0

* where available.


  • Wins Total People, Key Demos
  • Highest commercial ratings share in history
  • Wins 35 of 40 ratings weeks (incl. Comm Games)
  • AFL Grand Final Presentations top Metro Audience
  • Wins News & Breakfast

Seven’s Director of Network Programming Angus Ross said: “The final results are in, and the scale of Seven’s win is clear. The simple fact is more people watch the screens of Seven. More men, more women, more young people, more of every key demographic.

“And with the AFL and Cricket locked up until 2022, Seven can guarantee those mass audiences, and certainty for our advertisers, for years to come.”


  • Primary channel top 25-54 demo (excl Comm Games)
  • State of Origin I tops Combined metro + regional audience
  • The Block Winner Announced top non-sport show
  • 60 Minutes top public affairs show

Michael Healy, Nine Network Director of Television, said: “After a very successful 2017, our schedule this year offered audiences and advertisers greater consistency than any other network. We are proud to have delivered a strong programming slate that entertained and informed, particularly with the demographics we target. Increasingly, our viewers are choosing to watch our content on a device and a time of their choosing, a trend that we embrace and look forward to growing.”


  • Four shows had their biggest total audiences ever
  • Five of the top 10 and eight of the top 15 regular entertainment shows in under 50s.
  • Six of the top 10 regular new series in under 50s – including the top five.
  • MasterChef Australia: Winner Announced tops 10’s year

Network 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said, “We’ve established a brilliant line-up of marquee shows that perform well across all platforms and we are looking to build on this success in 2019.

“It’s incredible that after 10 years, MasterChef Australia continues to perform strongly. And seeing shows like Have You Been Paying Attention?, Australian Survivor and Gogglebox increase their audience year on year illustrates that sticking to a winning formula often pays off.

“Our Bachelor shows – Bachelor In Paradise, The Bachelor Australia and The Bachelorette Australia – dominated our key under 50s demo and all the other key demos. They were also our top three 10 Play shows of the year.”

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Multichannels in 2018.

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  1. Like how all the commercial networks put a positive spin on their rating results. Ten network barely beat the ABC so not sure why they are so happy with their numbers. Of course they all use spin but no mention of Ten’s news/The Project or Pointless game show. Not sure how successful bringing over Lisa Wilkinson was?

    1. Networks will spin all kinds of metrics at this time of year, but I run what I think is a fair snapshot. I see other media included all kinds of results from Jan 1, to national figures, to 7 day consolidated (not 28). It isn’t the way I roll.

  2. Good point robertrhenry . You would have to consult the accountants for profit details. Channel 7 paid big bucks for 2018 sporting events which added to the big win but did they recoup theirmoney ? After the tennis and cricket changed channels articles were written that both made losses on these sporting events .

  3. What a beautiful day to be alive. Congratulations to Tim Worner, Angus Ross and all the talented folk at Channel Seven on another very convincing win. There is definitely for improvement but as Angus Ross said, even Seven’s worst is better than their competitors. Here’s to at least another twelve years of being number one. Woo hoo!

  4. I keep wondering (seriously), if there is a ‘site’ or a ‘good read’ somewhere that explains just how it works and how much it means, dollar wise , for a network to beat another by,—- 30.7 to 27.3.
    Or is that ‘secret media business’.

    1. I run a marketing agency that focuses on digital advertising (and only books FTA spots rarely) but in a rational world, all other things being equal, with a total FTA spend of around $3.5billion a back of envelope calculation would say (30.7-27.3)/100 x $3.5b = $119 million.

      Of course not all eyeballs are valued equally though, and it is quite possible for a particular tv ‘brand’ to be viewed as being more valuable than another despite the eyeball differences.

      From industry info that I have seen (& probably available in shareholder reports), despite trailing 7 for a number of years in total viewers 9 has usually kept reasonably close in advertiser spend, even recently exceeding that achieved by 7 despite a lesser share.

      1. So, if we accept your $3.5 billion income pool. (sure very rubbery), we are talking gains of $35 million per percentage point. So annually—– 7 gets $1.07 billion, —– 9 gets $955 million —- 10 gets $609 million . All pretty high figures. Suddenly Eddies Millionaire Hotseat, doesn’t seem so extravagant . But that $119,000,000 win, sure would put a smile on 7’s face.

        1. Before anyone jumps on the fact that the ABC doesn’t take its percentage from the pool, I simply changed the ABC to ATO. GST and bank fees , would bring these figures closer to reality than you might think. Come on pick it apart, or at least tell me about that ‘good read’.

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