10 makes new Publicity appointments

Network 10 has appointed Sarah Johnson as Head of Publicity, responsible for leading national publicity for 10’s shows and talent.

Johnson (pictured centre) has been with 10 for 8 years and also worked at Endemol Shine Australia and XYZ Networks.

In recent months she has shared the national publicity manager with former Head of Publicity, Catherine Donovan, who relocated to Brisbane.

Donovan (pictured left) becomes Head of PR strategy and events, responsible for strategic PR initiatives and managing key publicity events and projects.

Network 10’s chief content officer Beverley McGarvey said: “It’s really exciting to be making these two appointments. Not only are SJ and Cat brilliant and experienced PR executives, they are a pleasure to work with and invaluable team members. I am thrilled they are taking on these critical roles at such an important time for the Network.”

Sydney Publicity Manager Kirsty Wilson (pictured right) becomes Head of Social Content while Brad Garbutt, who previously managed 10’s Social Media team, remains Head of Marketing.

McGarvey added, “Social plays an increasingly crucial role in building our brands and engaging our under 50s audience. As we continue to increase our marketing investment and focus, it’s important that we have a dedicated leader to take our social strategy forward. It’s fantastic that we’re able to appoint Kirsty to lead this function and I look forward to continue working with her in her new capacity as she takes over the leadership of our energetic, imaginative and hard-working social team. Kirsty is a seasoned professional. She is dynamic, solutions-oriented and has great plans for social. I can’t wait to see the function continue to thrive.

“With the appointments of SJ, Cat and Kirsty, as well as Brad’s excellent work as marketing lead, we are in an excellent position to share our big 2019 plans with audiences in creative and innovative ways.”

All roles are effective from Monday 14 January.

NB: TV Tonight and 10 have resolved issues and programming info is resuming. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    New team….new broom, sweeps clean…here’s to better times ahead…..
    Thank you David Knox…I suspect a lot of behind the scenes work ..

  2. 10 have that reputation with many sites. Kirsty was around in David Mott days and is a lovely person. They like to weild power with smaller outlets. They never do this to big newspapers. At least its sorted.

  3. Fantastic news David! Withholding publicity info from you was always silly schoolgirl nonsense that shouldn’t have happened. Great to see 10 content back on your site, hope it doesn’t mean you’ll go soft on them in terms of breaking future exclusives though – that’s part of why we love you!

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