10 reveals I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here cast

Ex-pollie Jacqui Lambie stood out from the first castmates, all of whom had been tipped by media.

10 has revealed their first cast members for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, all of which had been tipped by various press and observers this year.

Night one included snakes, scorpions, powder bombs and some celebs struggling to recognise one another…

Gone were the skydiving entrances as the cast simply strode into a South African resort.

Former politician Jacqui Lambie stood out from the pack with her unbridled, occasionally uncouth, personality, tackling ex-collgeaue Sam Dastyari to the ground and mucking in.

A year ago TV Tonight threw her name into the mix (“And while we’re assembling a network’s dream casting lists…. two words: Jackie Lambie) but it has taken until 2019 for it to be realised.

Former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester was also not holding back, revealing she has not had sex in 9 years and teasing her attraction to male co-stars (ex-AFL player Dermott Brereton, former Love Island participant Justin Lacko or Seven personality Luke Jacobz). Ex-Gogglebox ladies Angie Kent & Yvie Jones were also not shy on some of the blokes, suggesting Dr. Chris Brown must be bad in bed because he couldn’t possibly be perfect at everything….

The cast also includes comedian Tahir Bilgic, news presenter Natasha Exelby, TV chef Justine Schofield, and showbiz correspondent Richard Reid.

Director Alex Mavroidakis has thrown in a Big Brother-style twist with a divided camp of Campmates / Caretakers designed to ramp up the conflict.

So far the cast lacks an international name along the lines of Shane Warne, Maureen McCormick or Tom Arnold but there are rumours of Pamela Anderson. Often big names enter the camp on night 2 when the show has been up against My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight, but while the competition may be the Australian Open this year, it has been left to the Gogglebox ladies to spike the second night. That’s a long way short of Baywatch super-stardom.

But the show is also Live, and known for reacting quickly to audience feedback. After a network summer in the doldrums so far, it will need to be.

There will also be others poised to parachute into the jungle over its 4 week season.

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  1. I will have to say stop complaining I am loving this mix so what they are not the big name ‘celebrities’ but this mix looks so good it actually got me excited …… If Pamela Anderson goes in her and Jacqui Lambie will make the best TV …

    1. I hope Pamela Anderson does go in. At least when she speaks her mind she does it without fear or favour when she’s still got power and authority to make a difference without straddling the hobby horse. These are the qualities we need in today’s politics but unfortunately I can’t name many Australian female politicians who carry them all the time other than Sarah Hansen-Young.

  2. I am quite frankly shocked at the bumper ratings for this. I was expecting it to flop at about 400,000 with what rightfully appeared to be a lower budget cast of non-celebrities. Ironically, the washed up vibe of this season may be its saving grace.

  3. Where are the Pamela Anderson rumour is coming from? As if she is going to go in there after the Big Brother fiasco of 2008, unless maybe 10 are going to give a gigantic donation to Peta to lure her in, even then I’m betting its just a rumour

  4. This is a pretty decent line up i dont know 1 of them… like seriously people still complain year in year out about the people who on this… its never gunna be big celebs. These are people who need more exposure, need a nudge back into the limelight or keep their media career going a little longer. Loving ajay in there hope she wins and fingers crossed for some drama!

    1. Shows like Have You Been Paying Attention are also in SD, which is ridiculous. Mobile phones these days record content at superior quality to what is often broadcast on Australian TV.

  5. No real “Celebs” but am enjoying the mix so far.
    Richard and Dermie have both been on Celeb Apprentice a few years back so perhaps desperately looking to stay relevant. I remember Richard being very easily flustered and chucking quite a few hissy fits on that show so wonder how long it will take him to crack here?
    The Gogglebox girls very brave to take this on but I suspect they will take it in their stride and come out of it very well…

  6. This show is my guilty pleasure and didn’t disappoint last night. Jacqui Lambie looks like she’s ready for anything and is going to be good value. Loved Julia’s comments on her saying “gloating when you have the advantage always works out well coz the producers never turn the tables” LOL. Can’t wait to see how that unfolds.
    Absolutely loved the Gogglebox girls last night. Could be a mistake putting them into camp with the others so early. Would have been lots of good value having them comment from the sidelines but also looking forward to seeing how they cope with daily life in the camp. Maybe more Gogglebox cast to come later on?
    The vacuous male model is already getting on my nerves. The only people I had no clue who they were was the ‘comedian’ and chef. My tip for first voted out is the so far unfunny ‘comedian’.

  7. No high profile celebs….Ten might still be paying the price for Tom Arnold in the jungle. Not a bad mix anyway. The teams format make it a bit more interesting. I hear its only a four week series this year? Will be interesting to see if Ten have some strategies for when ratings actually commence.

  8. The only participant I could put a name to was Dermot Brereton. I know the tradition is for mostly C-list types but there is usually at least one “Once Was Famous” overseas name. The absence of anyone in that category and some of the other traditional groups (“One Hit Wonder Pop Singer”, “Once a Star on Home and Away”) suggests budget cuts.

    1. I’ve noticed that too. KAK showed some true colours when she defended Alan Jones and his threats against the boss of the Opera House over the sails affair. And this morning, she was at it again with the attack against Lambie. It’s not her nicest side.

    2. Yeah, the things she said about her swearing & vulgar language & how she mustn’t be educated. Well I swear a lot too & I have an education. Kerri-Anne maybe needs to get out in the real world. I don’t know who she hangs out with if they don’t swear. Most normal people do.

  9. It never ceases to amaze me what the producers of the show define as ‘celebrity’.
    Then again, I’m not in the demographic. You could have the Transforma Ladder dude and call him a ‘celebrity’ because he’s in the core demo.

  10. “Celebrity” when two of the ‘celebrities’ ask ‘”Who’s he?” and “Who’s that?” of each other. The first two being “celebrities” due to their appearances on a TV show about people watching TV. Watched until “Jack Reacher” started on 9, then was reminded “It’s on Netflix” so watched it there, getting to bed an hour earlier. Actually “Firewall” had been advertised and promoted. IACGMOOH will no doubt be repeated endlessly so may catch the rest of it later sometime. Just look for “TBA”. 1pm weekdays, Friday night, weekends.
    Such is the way of TV these days.

  11. Oh, that explains the Big Brother haves/have nots if the Big Brother guy is in charge. I have never liked that concept & hope it’s only for a few days & not for the whole duration. Obviously there will be another challenge where the other team will hopefully win & get a turn in the good side. Jaquie Lambie & Richard Reid are all i need. They will be great value. Didn’t watch Love Island so have never heard of that guy. Is constantly saying how good looking he is his ‘thing’?

  12. I actually enjoyed the first night even though I didn’t know who a couple of them are. I notice a lot of social media users going on about them not being ‘celebrities’ but I think they seem to be a good mix of different personality types…the only one who seems to be full of his own self importance is the ‘good looking’ model, lost count of how many times he mentioned how good looking he is ! Looking forward to the Gogglebox ladies joining in and any intruders.

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