2018: Most read, most commented stories.

Reality show casts, sports guides, and an annual April Fool’s Day gag were amongst the most popular posts on TV Tonight in 2018.

They include posts on Married at First Sight, Australian Survivor, Upfronts, 800 Words and Rake (including one post from 2017 which still drew hefty traffic).

Most read stories of 2018:
1. Married at First Sight 2018: meet the cast
2. Australian Survivor 2018: meet the cast
3. 2018 Winter Olympics: guide
4. Voting opens for 2018 Logie Awards
5. Lisa Wilkinson to host Big Brother revival for TEN
6. Seven confirms Dance Boss judges
7. Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018: guide
8. Royal Wedding: guide
9. The Block 2018: meet the cast
10. Axed: 800 Words
11. Airdate: Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy
12. Doctor Blake fans worried by “New Beginning”
13. Dance Boss chooses series winner
14. Olivia: trailer
15. Returning: Rake
16. Wayne & Tom quitting Gogglebox
17. 2018 NRL season on Nine
18. Talent takes to All Together Now’s 100 judges
19. Upfronts 2019: Seven: New Bevan Lee drama, Ms Fisher cast, new reality.
20. Renewed: Rake (2017 post)

Most commented stories of 2018:
1. Lisa Wilkinson to host Big Brother revival for TEN
2. Roseanne axed over racist tweet, TEN pulls episodes
3. Upfronts 2019: 10: variety, new dramas, multichannel rebrand.
4. Seven hosts turn feral on self-indulgent Closing Ceremony
5. 60th Logie Awards: winners
6. TEN to refresh logo, ELEVEN, ONE tipped for new names.
7. Logie Awards 2018: nominees
8. Israel wins Eurovision 2018!
9. Family Feud to be “rested.”
10. Viewers upset over Cricket’s move to Pay TV


    • Interesting 10Play never loaded the conners onto the platform… I wonder if this is any indication of whats to come with shows which aren’t CBS.

  1. David, I hope this doesn’t sound crass. but so often I wish your stories had a ‘like’ button. We may not have a particular comment to make , but sometimes wish we could show our appreciation for the information you have provided. Maybe a ‘thanks’ button.

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