Ajay first celebrity out of the jungle

Former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester has become the first to bevoted out of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here this year.

“It’s been amazing. I just wish it would be longer,” she admitted.

Narrowly escaping elimination were Dermott Brereton and Natasha Exelby.

During her time in the jungle, Rochester revealed details of her adoption, social struggles, TV hosting and even a lack of sex.

In addition to her reality hosting role, Rochester was a contestant on Nine weight loss series Excess Baggage (which she went on to win).

10 is already teasing another Celebrity into the jungle with a “Bold Hollywood A-Lister” joining on Sunday.


    • When Scarlett fron the UK version did I’m a Celeb they conciously avoided using any footage with her in – until she won and they showed the reactions of her colleagues to that which made great TV.

  1. David , I have a question about your statement that Dermott and natasha narrowly escaped eviction.
    I was of the opinion that the ‘no particular order’ , also meant that extra people named were nothing more than red herrings, not an indication of voting. Could someone ‘ in the know ‘ please clear this up, I may be wrong.

  2. carolemorrissey

    I was hoping the rumours about Pamela Anderson were true, but judging from that clue it seems the rumours about the woman from Bold & the Beautiful were true.

    • I’m so hoping Pamela Anderson too. I even Google searched Pamela Anderson and the word bold. It says on a few pages a photoshoots are bold etc she even wore a bold bathing suit, so who knows. Fingers crossed.

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