Auditions: Child Genius

SBS is looking to a second season of Child Genius.

“Do you know an extraordinary child? Does your child have a genius level IQ? Does your child constantly astound you with their mental prowess? SBS are searching for our most brilliant young minds,” a casting notice advises.

“If you are a family experiencing the joys and challenges of parenting a gifted child, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for young children aged between 7 and 12 to take part in a competition series that will celebrate the incredible talents of extraordinary children.”

Auditions will take place from late March to mid April.

You can apply here.


  1. The children were from diverse backgrounds and their knowledge, especially in regards to Australian history was astounding, as was the knowledge of the adjudicators. The competitive factor wasn’t good though. It had placed a lot of pressure on the children, on top of pressure from some of the parents and created negative aspects, such as jealousy, loss of self-esteem and disappointment. Having knowledge is one thing, but healthy competition is another. If there is fair play, there should be no reason to wish anything but success for any competitors. Even if they lose, if they were fair, they can still be seen as winners and be cheered on for their perseverance.

    • I actually thought the competition was a great element. Disappointment is a part of life. So is pressure. Why shouldn’t children be exposed to it? These kids have gone through life thinking they’re the best, because in their school environments they probably are. It’s good to get the wake-up call that you might not always be the best. Personally I thought the competition was handled really well. There was a lot of positive reinforcement from the show’s adjudicators and the other children when someone went home, and from memory more than one kid was eliminated during each episode so no one was singled out and made to feel like a loser. I’d much rather see that than the sort of program where everyone gets pandered to with a participation award and no one really triumphs.

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