Happy New Year!

2 local dramas premiere on the first day of the new year.

And a very Happy New Year to you.

The first day of the new year begins with two premiere local dramas -a very good sign.

Bloom premieres on Stan with a top-notch cast, while Mustangs FC is back on ABC ME for its second season. The Family Law returns from Saturday 12th on SBS.

If you’re not into summer sport, there’s new lifestyle from Thursday with ABC’s Escape from the City, and SBS gets into Slow TV on Sunday with The Indian Pacific: Australia’s Longest Train Journey (the first of 4 Sunday events in January).

In international titles tomorrow we get the new Doctor Who special, available first on iview ahead of its primetime broadcast with Little Women on ABC from Saturday and Butterfly on SBS from Wednesday 9th. VICELAND returns The Orville from Saturday and ABC Comedy also has the Free to Air premiere of The Good Place from Monday.

Netflix has the final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events from today and a reminder they recently dropped the interactive drama Black Mirror: Bandersnatch where you choose your own ending (I reckon it will be a fad like 3D and not a sign of things to come).

Another TV Tonight milestone is also due later this week. More on that shortly…


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  1. The Orville S2 starts with a double episode to catch up with the US, 9pm Friday on Viceland.
    Interactive storytelling has been worked on since the 1970s. It has proved quite difficult to a scenario that has lots of diverging paths, but produces multiple dramatically satisfying narratives. As a narrative has to lead to an ending most of the choices are really illusionary. Brooker knows this so he has made it about someone creating and interactive adventure game and made the theme about the illusion of free will. Being Brooker he will at least have something interesting to say.

  2. After watching and enjoying the fireworks, we then watch the first 2019 sunrise stream from the International Space Station. Oh so beautiful. I’m not normally emotional , but that one brought a lump to my throat. A great start, lets all have a good year. This info is invaluable, thx David.

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