Logies to return category for best ad

In a radical move the Logie Awards will return a voting category for Most Popular Television Commercial (or is that an oxymoron?).

Bauer Media is now asking ad agencies to submit for consideration. The Top Ten Ads as selected by a panel of trade media journos will be included in the public vote from March 4 – March 31.

“The winning ad and agency, will be included on The Logie Awards TV broadcast credits, and you’ll be invited to attend with tickets for 4 of the team and travel to the Gold Coast included,” Bauer announced.

“Finally an award mum and dad have heard of. But, get your skates on as entries close Feb 8.”

Updated: Logies previously had an award for best commercial in its first two decades. It isn’t clear why Bauer is claiming “For the first time, the 61st TV Week Logie Awards will recognize excellence in the advertising industry.”


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Wont be in the running…as it is an old ad…getting a re hash..
    But I love the Michael Buble one for the radio station…where the tired lady at the kitchen table…is totally unmoved by either his voice or his charm…The look on his face, makes me laugh out loud, every time. 👌😀

  2. harrypotter1994

    Unfortunate that Barbra from Bank World and Rhonda and Ketut missed out on the award. Good luck to the Meerkat from Compare the Market, I guess.

  3. I really cannot think of any recent commercial that I would consider enjoyable, let alone deserving of an award. There just seems to be very little effort put into establishing a brand through commercials these days.

  4. thedirtydigger

    This shows how out of touch the Logies have become, really isn’t it about time to bury this creaky and often creepy anachronism ?
    Who really gives a S*** about the ” best ” advertisement ?
    How about they actually do something half clever and have the Goggleboxers commenting throughout from their homes or strateically placed lounges ?

  5. *yawn* maybe make the awards entertaining like they use to be? with skits taking the proverbial out of popular shows. Actually have a host, someone who isn’t over exposed and who is actually funny. move the broadcast to an earlier time slot. It’s a night to celebrate the achievements in Australian TV, yet no one actually wants to be there (only the after parties) and for those who actually watch it they don’t want to admit they watched it

  6. This seems a very odd decision especially after they have recently made an effort to reduce the number of “Most Popular” categories and make it more about the “Most Outstanding”. I really don’t think an award for commercials will improve the credibility of the Logie Awards, especially since the ad agencies have to pay to have their commercial nominated.

    If they wanted any new category it should have been reinstating the “Most Outstanding Comedy Program” award which was strangely dropped last year. At a time when the production of comedy series has actually increased, we need this category.

  7. The Logies actually had a category for advertisements in the 1970s. In 1977 and 1978 it was called Most Popular Commercial. The category was dropped in 1979.

  8. I think there is a clear winner. The BCF commercials. Why? Well, —– it is Australian. —- It is selling a fun product. —–It has lots of funny characters. —— It is updated often so doesn’t get boring. —— it has a catchy jingle. —– it shows Australia bush —- The slightly riskay “f-ing fun” is amusing. — You actually watch it to see – the latest changes. ***** rating.

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