NSW mum wins Block apartment

NSW mother of 5 Samantha Bolton has won The Block Gatwick apartment through a Nine / Monopoly promotion.

Bolton, 45, from Woodbine near Campbelltown, bought the boardgame from a Bega Big W store and now owns a multi-million dollar apartment in St. Kilda.

“I am in total shock, it’s so hard to believe I have won,” she said. “I actually can’t comprehend it. It has not sunk in yet. I have to keep pinching myself. I haven’t won anything since the lolly jar competition in grade two. I am just overwhelmed. It’s incredible and life changing. Our family are massive fans of The Block, but never in a million years did I think we’d win.”

Host Scott Cam said, “When I heard that the winner was a true-blue Aussie battler from the suburbs I couldn’t have been happier. This year’s Blockheads put their heart and soul into creating this magnificent property and Samantha will go down in the history books as its proud owner.”

The “challenge” apartment, renovated by all Series 14 contestants, is touted as the biggest prize from an Australian TV show. Prices at auction ranged from $2.77m – $3.02m.


    • I think this is great! They may not move there, since they live in NSW. However they seem like they are deserving and will be a financial benefit if they sell it!

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