Returning: Madam Secretary

Secretary Elizabeth McCord returns to 10 Bold next week.

Madam Secretary returns to 10 Bold next week.

Season 5 Episode 10 “Family Separation”. This is a 2 part story and the show’s 100th episode.

This aired in the US in December.

Secretary Elizabeth McCord goes head-to-head with an ultra-conservative United States governor over Arizona’s new policy of arresting and separating unauthorised immigrants from their children comes to light.

Elizabeth visits the detention centre, an action expressly forbidden by the state’s governor, to witness firsthand the affect the new policy has on the children. Tensions reach fever pitch as Elizabeth speaks to reporters outside the facility about the abhorrent and inhumane policy, openly defying the governor’s wishes, resulting in a very public conclusion.

And, in the down time while trying to rectify the Arizona situation, Elizabeth and Henry plan to renew their wedding vows.

9:30pm Thursday February 7 on 10 Bold.

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